Life has been moving at the speed of light (and i’m feeling it) per usual. Last week we shot our #moorespanishrevival, the cover of RUE magazine was announced and we’re on it AND I was named on the AD100 list! See more on everything below.


Grateful for: Full of gratitude this week to be named on the AD100 list and to have my work recognized by @archdigest in that way, with such a legendary group of talent. I felt like I was writing my Oscar speech when posting to social

I’m forever thankful for our inspiring clients and partners who put their trust in me, and of course, for my sss team, who help make it all happen. Being able to create for a living and collaborate with creative thinkers, artists and makers will never be lost on meSee the full list here and keep an eye out for this months issue!

Learned: I learned the hard lesson I re-learned over and over again: Your body will tell you gently when you’re stretched too thin, so listen to it and don’t wait until your body is screaming at you to rest. I’ve gotten much better over the years of listening and not over-planning, but sometimes no matter how hard you try things pile up all at the same time and then your body is like ok I’m done and you’re forced to take a day or two or three. That was this week.

Accomplished: We photographed our #moorespanishrevival with Laure Joliet this week, and I can’t wait to see and share the final images.

Delight: Rue magazine announced its winter cover, and the #sssshowhouse and I are on the cover! It hits newsstands on December 19. I can’t wait to show you around my design lab/glorified guest house/on-site office/photography studio and all the rest of the iterations the show house has been for us.


Sarah Matthews

Grateful for:  We were traveling last week and Dan had a heavy work week so Tilly had a sleepover at our friend Jill’s with her daughter Rooney. Jill got them matching pajamas for the occasion 🙂 Seeing them goofy at bedtime, jumping on the bed and giggling lit my heart on fire. I have so much gratitude for friends that love your baby and take care of them like their own.

Learned: I hadn’t been to Merchant’s east side location before last week and it was a treasure trove of ceramics, art, and vintage. All in such a beautiful palette and interesting textures and scales of all kinds. A very special mother daughter business in LA.

A: True rest. I’ve been sick this week and haven’t really had a choice but to rest. Usually I would push myself through to keep being productive but I felt so much support in taking care of myself.

Delighted in; my friend molly made us a wreath with some greens and berries she foraged. Such a festive and sweet gift 🙂

G.L.A.D. December 15, 2023



Grateful for: times ability to (not heal things I don’t think time heals everything) give space and allow the opportunity of growth to happen: to better hold and handle hard things.

Learned: of the Flamingo Estate Holiday House made out of gingerbread! Life size everything. It’s mind blowing.

Accomplished: going on multiple walks this week with a toddler AND two dogs. Our dogs are not good (ok terrible) leash walkers and bark at every dog they see. But Birdie adores them and wants them to go everywhere with us, and I’m trying just to let some things go. Kids have a way of teaching us that 🙂

Delighted in: pomegranates. I have been buying them every week and every time I open one I am delighted at how beautiful they are!



Grateful for: My toddler’s preschool had a Winter Sing pageant this week and all the parents were invited to watch. Feeling a tad overwhelmed with feels after having watched her first ‘performance.’ To see her going from, just six months ago, being terribly shy in group settings and hiding behind mama to belting it out and dancing in front of a room full of adults… just so grateful for what preschool has done for her.

Learned: Another adventure into the amazing world of nature this week. We learned about the peacock mantis shrimp. Among many other wild facts, they can see in 12 channels of color (humans can only see in 3 red, green, blue). They also pack such a big punch that when they hit their target, water vaporizes and then implodes with a bang and flashes of light. #natureislit

Accomplished: This is my first year taking on that borderline nefarious Elf on the Shelf. The things we swore we’d never do… and then… kids happen… Halfway through December and I’ve managed to not phone it in most nights. So far our elf has been ‘stuck in ice’, acting as the laundry fairy, using Rapunzel’s hair to get into the pantry… I take the wins where I can. 😂

Delighted in: I’m in the midst of an intense dollhouse reno to surprise Lou for Christmas. I had no idea how INTO IT I was going to get and the level of enjoyment this process would bring. This week I printed tiny books that she has been reading since she was a baby and made, what is essentially, my dream rug and side table (hi Irregular Checkerboard Rug and Pentwater side table) in miniature.

G.L.A.D. December 15, 2023



Grateful for: This GLAD is all about how thankful I am for motherhood and for my baby girl. I can’t imagine life without my baby girl, she’s perfect and my everything.

Learned: Reflecting on 1 year of being a mom I’ve realized how much I’ve changed and how humbled, more patient, and how much my perspectives have shifted. I am capable of amazing things!

Accomplished: I made it 1 year breastfeeding and pumping. Still going!

Delighted in: Junie had her 1st birthday on 12.13, she loved her new Eric Carl farm animal sounds book. It was so cute seeing her open presents and look at mommy to see how she should react and then realizing what this whole present thing is, she loved it and laughed and was so excited



Grateful for: uninterrupted sleep! My 19-month-old slept through the night for 10 days in a row and I’m hoping we might have turned the corner. This feels like a small miracle after so many months of sleep deprivation. I’ve been working with a homeopath to gently support him through whatever was making this so difficult for him and I think it’s made all the difference.

Learned: I made my holiday wreath and garland this year with foraged evergreen foliage from the yard. It was fun, easy, and free! I used these Good Housekeeping UK tutorials. The British do cozy, charming Christmas so well.

Accomplished: I had overripe bananas taunting me all week and I finally whipped up a loaf of banana bread 15 minutes before I had to leave for school pick-up. I use the recipe from Joy of Cooking, the classic cookbook that we always reach for. I just sub out regular flour with a cup-for-cup gluten-free baking flour blend. Having fresh baked goods at home makes me feel like I’m winning in the mom department 🙂

Delighted in: turning on the Christmas tree lights each morning and watching the kids run to open their advent boxes and unwrap their advent book. Then we all cuddle up on the couch and read it together.

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