Busy, busy like always over here. We returned from our install in LA, and then I whisked the family off for a Thanksgiving adventure in Paris. Celebrating all we are grateful for, Paris style this year!

Enjoy the team’s GLADs below, and happy thanksgiving to you all.


Grateful for: after three years of design, construction, and collecting, we finally moved Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith into their new home! Install week was last week, and our whole team went out for it. This project began when only Anastasia was part of the team, so it’s been a journey! 

Learned: on our Pacific Palisades client project, we had the painted wood ceilings sandblasted and found out the original wood underneath is in great condition. A win for the project. 

Accomplished: This was a big couple of weeks for accomplishments! We installed our project for Mandy and Taylor and completed a custom mural. I commissioned Sammy to draw the characters, and initially, I was going to paint them, but the entire team ended up helping a hand in the end. It turned out beautifully, and I can’t wait to share the whole room/whole house! 

Also, we shot my Lulu and Georgia outdoor collection!! Coming spring 2024. Another couple of years of design culminating in the same week. 

Delighted in: My family and I took off to Paris, and the VRBO apartment we are staying in is such a delight. Beautiful views and gorgeous design details (I will share the apartment once we leave)! 

G.L.A.D. November 18, 2023


Grateful for: extra doses of sun from our trip to LA last week and coming home to a week of sunny fall days.

Learned: Starfish don’t have legs! They are basically heads walking around on their lips!

Accomplished: walking every day this week.

Delighted in: a giant fish stuffed animal at the library yesterday. Birdie was desperate to “hold” the fish in the fish tank, so it was a delight when I found the stuffed animal, and she could finally hold a fish 🙂

G.L.A.D. November 18, 2023


Grateful for: This week, both of my boys took a “sick day,” which initially put a big wrench in the day’s plan, but I changed around my schedule and enjoyed the snuggles, an extra little helper at work (I’m also grateful to work at SSS which is flexible. Thank you, Sarah!), and an afternoon walk in the sunshine to get a cookie. In the end, the one-on-one time was the best part of my week.

Learned: A post titled “The Best Thing to Text a Friend” caught my attention on the Cup of Jo blog. The sentence was, “I mean this genuinely and with no subtext.” Brilliant, right? I often get a text and doubt a friend’s offer of service or send a text, and I want to make sure a friend takes it for its word. This sentence beautifully takes all the pressure off!

Accomplished: Every night this week, I ended the day with a 10 minute yoga flow, and it felt great.

Delighted in: Yogurt with fruit and banana-peanut butter sandwiches with this seeded honey has been so so yummy!

Sarah Matthews

Grateful for: our team trip to LA last week to install our #moorespanishrevival project! We finally got to see the fruit of all of the nitty gritty details we’ve labored over for years. We had such a good time at the install that it was one of those moments where work didn’t feel like work, and it was all a beautiful flow. Grateful for our team and the role we get to play in creating beauty.

Learned: My kitchen banquette was listed in Domino’s best IKEA hacks of the year! It was such a fun DIY, and I love our family dinners there 🙂

Accomplished: Small but big win — I cleaned out our coat closet and got it ready for the colder months ahead.

Delighted in: The matching flannel jammies I bought for my friends & family to wear while we’re cozy together at our house this Christmas Eve. shhhhhh don’t tell them 🙂


Grateful for: a long, sunny walk with an old friend yesterday. Her kids are older than mine, and it’s special to glean that mama wisdom from someone who’s walked the path before you.

Learned:”The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” -Picasso

Accomplished: Made some progress organizing our garage since moving in well over a year ago. TBD on whether or not we’ll be able to park a car in there this winter.

Delighted in: Finally got my haircut after having to cancel my last appointment. Feels so nice to have it freshened up.


Grateful: Was able to go to Chicago and stay with friends for the weekend, while my family took care of Juniper.

Learned: that Valais Blacknose sheep exist. Funniest, cutest sheep ever!!

Accomplished: Finished the mural for Mandy’s house- illustrations by me and color curated by Sarah. It was fun to have the whole team help out finish painting the color to meet our deadline. Feels great to accomplish/ finish but also see it all come together after install

Delight- @martijndoolaard
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