yard-saleHey all you LA folks, I am having a yard sale this Saturday along with a few of my favorite designer friends, Kendra & Amanda. I have a lot of furniture, shoes, clothes, books, cameras, and SOOO many stationery items.

Throughout all those years at Greenroom I collected and stored away an insane amount of notebooks, binders, & journals. So, if there was a design you loved at Target that is no longer in stores, there is a good chance I may have it. I am also making some changes around our house, so I have some really great furniture pieces to bring.

I hope you’ll stop by and say hi and find yourself some goodies to take home.

Saturday, August 10th. 8AM – 1PM. in Venice, CA.
Follow @shoptheyardsale on instagram for more info.

Psst. for those of you that aren’t in LA, we will be having a little pre-sale with a few items on instagram the Friday before!

  • Looking forward to the pre-sale all the way in Rhode Island!

  • karen

    I’m kicking myself for not catching up on my blog readings sooner! I live super close and definitely would’ve been there. I’m following the instagram account in case you post any leftovers!

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