I don’t think I will ever get over pink, millennial or otherwise, it is such a versatile color with it’s light shade and it looks good with practically every color. Even orange!

Image by Anna Pirkola // Painting by Emilie Lindsten // Image from Olive & June

I don’t typically gravitate to, or even like, orange but pair it with a blushy pink and I am so on board. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces in the pretty pair for you and your home that you can mix and match to make this combo your own.

Pink: Swimsuit | Coffee Table | Chair | Bag | Sofa | Trousers | Pillow | Bowl + Plate Set | Side Table
Orange: Bag | Top | Rug | Chair | Backpack | Sandals | Dress | Mat | Pillow

See more of my favorite color pairings here.

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