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peach and navy color story // sarah sherman samuel // cafe moby

color stories: peach & navy

If you’ve been following my blog for long enough, you know that I gravitate towards any shade in the family of pink, and peach, of course, falls into that category. I particularly love a good light peachy pink (not too orange) because it pairs so well if you’re into creating more of a contrast with […]

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color stories: pink & orange

I don’t think I will ever get over pink, millennial or otherwise, it is such a versatile color with it’s light shade and it looks good with practically every color. Even orange! Image by Anna Pirkola // Painting by Emilie Lindsten // Image from Olive & June I don’t typically gravitate to, or even like, orange […]

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Color Stories: Cerulean & Ochre

I don’t have a ton of color in my wardrobe but right now I have basically two dresses that I live in. One Doen dress (as seen in this post and this post) is ochre and the other by Miranda Bennet is the prettiest shade of blue. I’ve been loving those colors lately in all […]

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color story: lavender and rust // sarah sherman samuel

Color Stories: Lavender & Rust

Let me just come out with it… purple is the worst color (in my opinion of course), you will never ever ever see a jewel toned purple anywhere around here. It hurts my eyes. But a soft lavender… that, I can get into and paired with a nice rich neutral like rust. I am definitely down […]

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Color Stories: Green & Blush

I’m starting a new series that will highlight my favorite color pairings and share some recent inspiration I’ve been loving. First up, green and blush… a duo that can do no wrong. Image 1 by Jeannette // Image 2 by Émilie & Clémence // Image 3 by Hannah Klemm  // Image 4 by José Hevia I’ve also […]

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