cabin-screen-doorsScreen doors aren’t exactly a design feature, I know, but when it is 90 something degrees outside, no air conditioning in sight, and more mosquitos then sand on the beach, they are something of a necessity. Also, what is a summer cabin without the slap of a screen door? As soon as we got these doors up, the cabin turned into a bug free (well mostly) oasis where the cool breeze blew in from off the water and carried on right through the front door. Heavennn.

cabin-screen-patio-doorsFor the patio screen doors we were able to retrofit the old ones into the new door jam with some woodworking trickery by my dad. For the front, we bought a new one and painted it to match the new front door we installed earlier.

…and don’t mind me in my pajamas up top, yikes… but if you look close at the bottom pic you will see a Rupert photo bomb. oops!

To see all the progress on the cabin look here.

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