Kitchen-progress-backsplash-hardwarekitchen-progress-backsplash-hardwareHere is the current state of the kitchen… we are getting close to being done now! A few new things we have accomplished since the last update are:

1. The subway tile backsplash is up and ready to be grouted
2. We put on all the cabinet hardware

To see the sources for all of the pieces in our kitchen look here.

Still to do in the kitchen:
1. Grout the backsplash (still waffling here between dark or light grout).
2. Install shelving on the back wall
3. To wallpaper or not to wallpaper? Originally we were going to put up this wallpaper above the backsplash but now that everything is coming together and looking so bright and clean and white we are kind of loving it just like that… hmm more decisions.

Take a look here to see the rest of our cabin renovation and progress.
Images by sarah

  • Gorgeous! I’ve been loving watching your cabin come together! My husband and I restored a cabin in VA last year and we just adore it! Good luck with all that you have left!

  • Gosh, I love your cabin. I would love to have a place to retreat like that. I’m sure its going to be absolutely wonderful when you are done..

  • Lawny

    The backsplash looks so good right now it makes me lean toward the light grout idea.
    I also see your point about maybe dropping the wallpaper… The super crisp white looks so Scandinavian 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you decide!!

  • Thanks Lawny! I am leaning towards the light grout too. I have already made two trips back to menards to exchange the grout because I keep changing my mind! ha White it is!

  • Anne

    I would skip the wallpaper too. The bright and clean white is perfect for your little kitchen.

  • Heather Carter

    I found a picture of your kitchen cabin renovation on pinterest that caught my eye. Especially the subway tile backsplash with the plate rack/small wooden shelf on top. I have never seen any one do this before. Did you come up with it on your own or is that something you saw somewhere else or maybe something pulled from a historical photo? We are working on our kitchen some and have noticed a line in the paint all the way around the kitchen as if a piece of moulding was there at just above waist height. I have seen in a historical photo, moulding like that, but not with the tile. Just wondered since it is so unique! Actually there are a few pictures of tile with trim over it on this website (don’t know if that was wood trim or tile trim)

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