cabin fireplace progress 2Here is a look at the new marble tile freshly installed… just needs grout!

fireplace-hearth-progressWe also painted the little air vent grate thingies white to match the rest of the fireplace, which kind of disguises them better, but I wouldn’t mind finding new ones all together.

cabin fireplace progressAnother new addition that we picked up at a nearby antique shop is the big old brass bucket to hold the firewood.

To Do’s for the fireplace:
1. reface that sad cinder block wall
2. grout and trim out the hearth
3. find new air vent things (what do you call those?)
4. find a new spark guard and some cool andirons
5. hang a picture for goodness sake

To see how it looked before look here. To see more of my fireplace progress/plans take a look here and to see the all the progress on the cabin look here.

  • Bryan

    Just found your reno blog, fantastic! Everything looks so clean and bright but still very inviting. I have to ask though, how did you do the ceiling? Did you reuse the plywood that was already up and just paint it?

    Thank you and keep up the beautiful work!

    • Hi Bryan, Thank you! Yes, we used the same plywood, trimmed it all out with the 1×4″s in that grid pattern, caulked all the seams and then painted it all.

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