cabin fireplace // smitten studioOver winter the work has definitely slowed down over at the cabin, so the status of our fireplace area is still much the same as our last update. It is nice to look back at how far we’ve come and I am going to head over there soon to get back on track with my growing to-do list.

Now that we have the fireplace cleaned up, the hearth tile changed out, and started the process of styling the area I am on the hunt for a new fireplace screen. At least I can always do the shopping while I’m staying warm in L.A. (or New Zealand for that matter)

fireplace-screens-smitten-studioI never knew how many variations of fireplace screens there are out there, or how expensive they are either… jeesh! I kind of love the “lexington” screen but I could also see myself going with something super simple and basic like the “olde world” too.

Shopping guide:
1: Mirrored Screen from Neiman Marcus // 2: Diamond Screen by Minuteman Intl. // 3: Peacock Fan Screen by Uniflame  // 4: Golden Branch Screen by Horchow  // 5: Olde World Screen by Uniflame // 6: Lexington Screen from Horchow

To see more items that I have my eye on follow my Pinterest board “products for the cabin”.

To see all of the cabin progress check here.

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