bedroom inspiration // smitten studioHere are some bedrooms that I’ve been swooning over lately. I seem to be really drawn to pops of color in a mostly white room as all of these fall into that category. Our last bedroom was full of color and I was right at home there, however I still do love a monochromatic space like the ones below (especially when pattern on pattern comes to play).

bedroom inspiration black and white // smitten studioLuckily we have two bedrooms in this house, so maybe I’ll just do one of each? Although, I’m pretty sure I’ll want to sleep in the room with color. 🙂

Which do you prefer?

Top set sources: 1: via The Design Files 2: via SF Girl By Bay 3: Room by Lilly Bunn 4: via The Style Files

Bottom set sources: 1: via House and Home 2: Bedroom by Michelle Adams via Lonny Magazine 3: Bedroom by The Brick House 4: Via Hannas Inspo

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  • Bea

    Ahh… color! Light! I can see why you chose these images – I guess since I’ve actually been in your new house, and I know how much you can’t wait to have a pretty little bedroom all put together again! I love TOP RIGHT, and SECOND ROW, RIGHT… I must agree, a bit of color is nice, but you know, black & white is so classy, it never gets old! Great choices here…

  • lucie

    Nice! I can’t wait to see your inspiration board for the other rooms 🙂

  • I like bedrooms with a little more black and neutrals, like the last four. Especially the brick house!

  • funny you mention this Sarah. I am normally most comfortable in the loudest and most colorful room, but lately my eye has been drawn to darker interiors. Maybe it’s the change in season or maybe I am just moody? I use to be an all white space kind of gal with pops of color – now I am thinking of painting a black wall in my house? I am totally digging the last two though. Whatever you go with, I am sure it will be fabulous!

    xx Alecia

  • Hi Alecia, Ha! I am totally with you. In our last house our bedroom was a dark navy and I really loved that deep color. However the rooms where also at least twice the size so I think it handled the dark color really well. Since the bedrooms are so small here I feel the need to just go white white, in hopes that it opens the place up a bit. A dark accent wall may not be out of the question though. 🙂 I’m glad to hear someone else relates to the flip flop between super light and dark and moody.

  • Hi Jay, I know right? Morgan is the queen of great neutrals.

  • Thanks Bea, I know… someday I will have a bedroom that isn’t a dark yellow box lined with cardboard boxes of clothes. haha

  • These are so beautiful! My room needs so much improvement, i’m even embarrassed of it after looking at these!!!

  • These are so pretty! Good inspiration for my own room!

  • Gorgeous! Can’t go wrong either way with these great rooms as inspirations. Who says you can’t merge the two and go black/white/neutral with most the room and add some bright color accents? Can’t wait to see what you go with.

  • I love the crisp white with color pop!! B&W would be lovely for the guest bedroom! Loving the reno updates!

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