a-frame-kitchen-rendering2It is happening!!!  We have made some progress in the A-frame cabin kitchen… finally. Now that things are underway, I’m excited to share my plans for the space and what made it onto my must have list…

When I first started planning out the kitchen I knew I wanted to use Semihandmade (again). I loved the whole process last time and being such a color freak I like being able to pick my exact hue by going with their unfinished line of doors and drawer fronts and painting them myself. So, that is where I started. I knew I wanted to go green again but a much darker green. From there my must haves started rolling right in, brass fixtures, floating shelves (I’m going to do floating shelves on one side and upper cabinets on the other), a Fireclay tile backsplash that goes right up the whole wall, and brass sconces over the floating shelves.

a-frame kitchen plansThe kitchen is teeny tiny so on the other wall of the kitchen I wanted to keep all the appliances as streamlined as possible. I chose a range from ikea that has no back piece which would cover up part of the backsplash. This keeps your eye moving over the space with a clean sightline making things look more open i.e. bigger. Second, for similar reasons, I chose a range hood that is completely enclosed (it recirculates the air) and hidden in the upper cabinets and finally, instead of a huge refrigerator that I would have no need for in a vacation home, I went with an undercounter refrigerator (just like I did in our first cabin). The best part about this one is that it comes “panel ready” which means I can have Semihandmade make a panel for the front to match, and blend right in, with the cabinets.

And now for the progress… Just to catch you up, here is the before photo.kitchen-beforeAs you can see the kitchen was crazy small, crazy enclosed and with the giant fridge, it just makes matters worse. Next we tore out everything, including those half walls that only served to make the kitchen tinier.

gutted-ktichenHere it is all emptied and opened up, looking like a disaster, but better already. The wall on the left is the backside of the fireplace which was previously left exposed. The rough mortar wasn’t the look I was going for so we had to come up with a way to be able to tile it which was made tricky but the fact that it is all lumpy and uneven. We hardly have any inches to spare so we ended up building it out with 2x4s laid  flat against the wall so it came out 2 inches instead of the 4.

kitchen-progress We hardly have any inches to spare so we ended up building it out with 2x4s laid  flat against the wall so it came out 2 inches instead of the 4.

ktichen-progressAnd here is where we are today… they ran some new electrical, we had the flooring finished off so it makes a level base for the cabinets and drywalled the wall making it ready for tile. Next up is installing the cabinets, tile, and do some plumbing fixes on the other side of the kitchen.

Wish us renovation luck!

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