daybed round-up // sarah sherman samuelI found myself sourcing daybeds for a few projects lately and I have always loved the versatility of the piece, so I thought I would gather a big ole round-up of  my favorites that are in the marketplace right now. They are great for delineating space in a large open floorplan living area, can be perfect for a multi-purpose spare room or office (to double as guest sleeping quarters), or create an instant window seat. So here you have 22 beauties to choose from.

Aren //  Casey // Willow // Chase // Como Rosewater //  Irving Place // Indra // Broderick //  London // Boho // Pari // Crashpad // Maxime // Black & White // Hambleton // Minnelli // Sylva // Turn // Cleopatra // Layden // Mckinzie // Safari

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