I have a serious back log of posts I want to share with you guys but I’ve been spending most of my time with our Clover girl and working on client and product related projects but I’m coming back at you and I realized I never properly introduced my sweet new bundle. So without further ado I wanted you to meet our latest addition to the Samuel household. Clover James Eleanor Samuel. She was born in November and has completed our family of 4 (Or 6 if you count the pups pikku and cracker).

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the name so I thought I’d share the story behind Clover. Rupert was always very close with his grandmother. She had a big part in raising him and she always had a knack for finding 4 leaf clovers. She sent me a couple pressed in a birthday card once and searching for them had become a popular pastime for Rupert and his granny, on their farm in England. A few years ago she passed away and we travelled to England for the funeral (I was actually pregnant with Archie at the time but didn’t know it yet (sidenote Archie is Rupert’s grandfathers name). Anyway, after the funeral services they had a reception for all the family at the farm and when it was over Rupert and I were walking back up the driveway and sure enough he found a four leaf clover. Ever since the 4 leaf clover has come to be a little reminder of his granny and a way to say she’s still there with Rupe. A few years later we found out we were expecting a baby the day before a trip to San Francisco and as we were walking along Lands End we stopped up at the Sutro baths to rest on a downed log and got talking about how things will be with a (unexpected) second child and what names we’d like etc. and just as we were going down a list of names Rupe looked down to find a 4 leaf clover and that sealed the deal. We had no idea if we were having a girl yet but if we did that was going to be the name.

 Now that she’s been here with us for a while I can’t imagine life any other way. Some how she feels like she was here all along. Archie is still a completely smitten big brother and the cute factor is out of control on the daily.

The rest of her names are family names as well, James is one of Rupert’s middle names and Eleanor is my mother’s first name. And now excuse me while I go cry over how tiny she was in these photos and how big she already is now!

Photos by Nicki Sebastian

My top is by ModernHaus // Rings by L Frank Jewelry // Clover’s bloomers by Rocky Racoon Apparel 

  • Congratulations! Such a beautiful story behind Clover’s name, how perfect with Archie and the meaning behind his name too.

  • Gigi

    You have a beautiful family! Clover is absolutely precious and what a loving big brother Charlie is. You did good mama!

  • Sarah Card

    I teared up over her name. I love that. Archie and Clover go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just perfect.
    When we were expecting our last baby (seven years after our third son) I was with my dad in my grandpa’s woodshop soon after he had passed and came across an old street sign for Hawthorn Road. I knew right then and there if we were to have a fourth boy, Hawthorn would be included in his name. Months later Adler Hawthorne joined our family. 🙂

  • crying over here. what a beautiful story!

  • Mafalda

    What a beautiful way to honor family,stories and memories!!
    Lovely name!!
    And she is a scorpio like me!!
    All the best! :))

  • Meg

    Hi, lovely story and congratulations. Completely off topic I wondered why half the tassels are gone from your wall hanging.

  • Anne Zuelke

    And you found some up in Boonville too! You guys are SO lucky when it comes to finding four-leaf clovers. I’ve still never found one. Perfect name for your sweet little one.

  • Hooray for the Samuels, party of 4! And a really beautiful name choice all around. I’m a sucker for a good name that can have nicknames, and hers brings ‘Cloe’ and ‘CJ’ to mind!

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