Yippee! Rupert is back from London and I am one very happy wife. He was shooting a TV spot for Toshiba and the absence was elongated by my work trip to Minneapolis so we haven’t both been home at the same time for a while! Two weeks may sound like nothing but I was soo ready for him to be home. I don’t know how people can do long distance, I really missed having my mister around! Everything is definitely better when we are together.

No more sleeping in the middle of the bed with a dog on each side or leaving my dirty dishes scattered about, but that is a sacrifice I’m more then willing to make. Welcome back Rupe.

  • Rupe

    Awwwwwe, that is so sweet and i missed you more. Plus i got dog hair on my side of the bed now you little….. the saying “your better half” is so true. You are my better half and without you I am broken. xxooo

  • Anne

    Rupe dogg in the house!!!

  • Being away from each other is the worst, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I’d rather stay together. He looks cheeky in that picture!

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