amangiri15Gone are the days (at least for a few years) when Rupert and I used to sneak away for weekend trips every couple weeks or so. Toting a toddler around on romantic getaways is not exactly the same. Since we don’t go nearly as often, Rupe and I decided that for our anniversary we would go all out and splurged on a trip of a lifetime. We took off for three child-free nights for the first time and headed to a place straight out of my dreams.

The place is southern Utah’s Amangiri and while the photos pretty stunning, I have to say they don’t even do it justice. The resort is built around the natural Utah landscape and looks like it is carved right out of the surrounding rock. Every single detail was thoughtfully designed… the colors, the materials, right down to how the sunlight travels through the structure. If you ever get the chance to go, take it!

amangiri10amangiri7amangiri3amangiri6amangiriamangiri16amangiri4amangiri5amangiri2amangiri18amangiri12amangiri17amangiri11amangiri13amangiri9amangiri14Utah on its own is one of my favorite places to get away to (we road-tripped through it a couple years back), but Amangiri with its super remote location and otherwordly beauty just made it our favorite escape yet. After just a couple days soaking in the soft colors and calming vibes we came back refreshed and oh so inspired.

Orange dress by Christy Dawn // Hat from Asos // Green dress from Zara  // Swimsuit by Hackwith Design 

iPhone snaps by Sarah & Rupert Samuel

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