This photo was definitely the calm before the storm and in more then one way! After arriving late Saturday, Sunday we did a few things around the cabin like painting the patio doors and caulking some trim on the ceiling but we also had the chance to relax a bit and enjoy our place. Our friends Andrea and Dan brought their family over along with thai food for dinner that we all enjoyed out on the deck and then after we watched the kids play in the lake and the stream that runs into it, where I took this picture of Lennix chasing after Layla. Around 9pm the winds started picking up so we headed back up to the house to watch the most amazing thunder/lighting storm roll in while the sun was setting and while there was also the solar eclipse! Living in LA we haven’t seen much lighting in about 5 years so it was an extra treat seeing it from across the lake. So that was storm 1.

Storm 2 came the next day when my parents arrived and we worked and worked and worked some more. Basically every muscle, bone, and tendon in my body is sore. Starting at 6:30am until we dropped at 10pm I was reminded yet again that my Dad at twice my age has at least 5 times more stamina then me. We painted, we finished up the plumbing, we scraped the fireplace, we built kitchen cabinets, we put up trim, we tore up the old tile floor, we laid the new floor, and then we painted some more. We made so much progress that it is hardly recognizable as the same place from just 2 days ago. I can’t wait to share some progress pictures as soon as I get to take a break and can feel my hands again.

Image by Sarah

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