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cabin progress: kitchen plate rail

It has been a while since I have done a cabin update. Things over there have had to slow down over the winter as it is just too cold to do a lot of things and too cold for me to want to visit as frequently! We were there over the holidays though, so although […]

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cabin progress: the kitchen is coming together

Holy moly it is starting to look like a real kitchen! Remember how it looked when we first moved in (look here)? That under the counter refrigerator definitely opens up the space big time. As you can see, we still need to put up a backsplash, put on cabinet hardware, and put up some shelving, […]

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cabin progress: butcher block countertop

Being a U-shaped kitchen, we had to do just a little tricky work to get the countertops to look seamless. We started with two 96″ butcher block countertops from Ikea. Once we cut the piece out for the range we were able to take the remnants from that and frame out either side of the […]

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progress: kitchen cabinets

So now that all the boxes are sorted and organized, it’s assembly time. Having received them flat packed, (ikea style) we were able to save money by assembling them ourselves, but with RTA we didn’t have to sacrifice the quality. The cabinets are made with solid birch and even have the soft-close drawers, unlike our […]

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progress: kitchen design

So here is how I designed our little kitchen from across the country. I laid out the walls in Adobe Illustrator using a 1 mm to 1 inch scale and with the RTA cabinet catalogue in hand I started drawing up the kitchen, picking and choosing which cabinets fit where. I started with items like the […]

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