dressandpantsI’ve been wearing this dress on the regular, to meetings, to the pool, on lunch dates, and to the huntington gardens. So basically everywhere, and to get even more wear out of it, when there’s a bit of a chill in the air, I’ve been throwing a pair of jeans on underneath. I didn’t think I was the jeans under a dress kind of girl but turns out I am… and I’m kinda into it.

dressandpants6dressandpants9dressandpants8 dressandpants3dressandpants2I’ve found it works the best for me with flowy tunic style/shirt dresses paired with skinny jeans. What about you guys? Are you into it?

Dress from Asos // Sandals by Dolce Vita // Jeans by James Jeans // Cuff by The 2Bandits // Sunglasses by Sicky

Images by Heather Kincaid

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