culottes-crop-top8I finally found the culottes of my dreams and have been wearing the heck out of them ever since… 

culottes-crop-top6culottes-crop-top3culottes-crop-top culottes-crop-top9culottes-crop-top7culottes-crop-top4culottes-crop-top5culottes-crop-top2Are you guys in camp pro culottes this summer? I sure am. I love the lightness and the fabric on this pair and the high waisted/tie detail sealed the deal on making these my faves from spring and summer. I’ve found they work best with a fitted crop top to counterweight the billowy bottoms.

Happy shopping…

Culottes from Asos (a few other favorites from… Ace & Jig, TopShop, and Zara and Asos both have so many good ones ) // Crop Top // Shoes from Anthropologie // Green Tasseled Clutch // Ring by L Frank Jewelry

Photos by Heather Kincaid

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