smitten studio // a sunny afternoon // diy shelvesI am embarrassingly still not quite settled in the new studio (although it is doing better then the house right now), but these shelves I put up are helping A TON. I needed some organization in my life more than I can express (If you are remembering the corners of the house that I kind of had finished, like the living room and the entry way… erase them from your mind because they are now almost empty rooms with an inch thick of construction dust!).

Anyway… the studio is now my happy place 🙂 You may notice I also painted the floors again. Thanks to my obsession with seeing other peoples workspaces, I’ve seen so many all white studios and I wanted to switch it up a little, so I went for this floor paint called georgia peach (I had them tint it 20% lighter). It’s bright and light like the white on white spaces I still love, but brings a subtle bit of color in.

Still to do in the studio is: Replace the light fixture, install skylights, find a place for a mood/layout board, and decide what to hang over that love seat.

Shelf DIY instructions after the jump…

diy shelves faux brass bracketsOk I am not sure if this qualifies as a DIY because it is so simple, but I thought I would let you know the exact sources of the things I used to make these shelves, in case you’d like to replicate.

Supplies needed:
Gold spray paint (this is my favorite gold spray paint. Not too shiny, not too matte, and it makes the brackets almost look like brass)
Ikea shelf brackets
Cabinet Screws (these may be over kill but I had them on hand and bonus!.. they are gold already)
Wood (I used African Mahogany which I bought here)

First, I spray painted the brackets. Then I used a stud finder to, well, find a stud (genius over here ;). Then I measured out where I wanted the brackets, held a bracket up and marked with a pencil where to drill in the screws. I drilled the screws in until the head was about an inch out of the wall and then put the bracket onto the screws and tightened them the rest of the way. Put the wood on, screw those in (with shorter screws) and done! If you are getting raw wood make sure to sand and seal the boards with some sort of polyurethane. I had sealed these boards previously since they came from our old house.

For more DIY’s look here.
To see the studio before look here.

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel


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