Mmm, forever inspired by standout dining chairs. Something about the way the design of them meets the function. I love seeing the wabi-wabi designs, the colors and shapes, and how it all can still function fully as a working chair. It is a design challenge I am always up for.  

And loved experiencing the process with my dining chairs for Lulu and Georgia. My chairs pair a sculptural frame with a minimalist design. The front legs angle towards an eyelet-style back to create a refined chair, and its upholstered seat lends it a touch of everyday elegance.

You wouldn’t believe (I mean, you probably would) how big my folder is of saved dining chair inspiration. Enjoy your scroll through these chosen few and take a look at some of my favorite chairs I am currently shopping. Like these vintage restored cane chairs, or these 70’s sculptural ones, and THIS. Also loving: these shapely honey chairs, these sophisticated ones, oh, and these are an INSTANT statement!

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