pagoda lodge // smiten studioThe last place we stayed in New Zealand was one of the most unique and peaceful spots we’ve been to and was a perfect ending to our trip. Situated on a river’s edge in Keri Keri, the Pagoda Lodge’s setting is something magical. Take a peek inside the riverside safari tent that we called home… after the jump.

pagoda lodge, new zealand // smitten studiopagoda lodge // smiten studio pagodalodge-smittenstudiopagoda lodge // smiten studiopagoda lodge // smiten studioWe originally planned to just park our van in one of the campsites at Pagoda Lodge but after seeing all their different accommodations (cottages, the pagoda lodge, a boat shed, a caravan, a tree house, a wheel house, and safari tents) we thought the Pear Tree Treehouse sounded like a fun change.

However, when we arrived and the owners (kathy & stephen) saw how tall Rupe was they didn’t think we would fit in the treehouse! I assured them that we were used to sleeping in a van for the previous two weeks so the treehouse was actually an upgrade but they insisted that they had no problem with upgrading us to a safari tent with no cost to us. After they showed us the treehouse we decided that maybe they were right and then when we saw the safari tent we were blown away. Perched up on a wooden platform overlooking the river was this two room safari tent complete with a queen bed and private patio. We slept like babies.

Tips for staying at Pagoda Lodge:
1: if you’re over 6′ tall pass on the tree house
2: kayaking along the river was gorgeous but don’t forget you have to turn around and go back. (Rupe used to Kayak all the time but we are way out of rowing shape. We made it out near the ocean ok but after fighting some waves and wind, about 3/4 of the way back we were about dead!)
3: pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the peaceful grounds
4: take advantage of the walking trails

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Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel 

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