lake michigan - sarah sherman samuelThis time of year, around the cabin, is pretty stunning. We arrived at around 7pm to a glassy calm lake with a non-existent horizon. It created this otherworldly scene magnified by that fact that there was not another soul in site. We dumped our bags in the bedroom, grabbed the SUP and headed straight into a dream.

cabin in the spring // smitten studio swan - silver lake - michigan // smitten studioapple tree orchard // sarah sherman samuelWe also made a point to visit a few of my favorite Michigan spots in the spring. We spotted this gorgeous apple orchard, located around Shelby, on our way to Cherry Point Market, a frequent stop for us with the sweetest owner and the best cherry turnovers. Another must-see place if you are in the area is the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It’s a little Dubai in Michigan (image below). We usually like to just jump around on the steep dunes but you can also do dune buggy rides or rent ATVs to scoot around on the huge sandy hills.

silver lake dunes - michigan // smitten studiolake michigan beach // smitten studiosilver lake dunes - michigan // smitten studiodesert in MI // smitten studiosup michigan // smitten studioThe best part about visiting Michigan is with all the (usually quite abrupt) weather changes, each trip is completely different and watching the sky over the lake from the cabin is always a treat. I find people who haven’t been to Michigan always underestimate how beautiful it can be. Would you guys be interested in a more in depth guide to all my favorite spots?

Images by sarah sherman samuel (iphone)

  • Heather Jazayeri

    Love this post. I just moved to Santa Barbara from Michigan and just miss my Michigan summer, fireflies and all! I’d love to see more posts about America’s high five!

  • oh god, this is gorgeous. yes! please share!

  • that really does look like otherworldly SUPing — absolutely gorgeous.

  • I always love your Michigan pics! I used to live within walking distance of the beach in Grand Haven and I lived in Traverse City as a kid. I miss the Big Lake so much!

  • This post makes me miss living in Michigan. I grew up on the East side in a Northern suburb of Detroit, but we went camping along Lake Michigan every summer. I don’t get back to the state very often. I’m only in Chicago and is an easy drive, so that’s no excuse. Would love to hear about more of your favorite spots!

  • Ann Langlois

    SO gorgeous! Lol…the pic of Rupert crawling toward the green oasis – classic, and too fun.

    I adore your MI posts, and love seeing the cabin…any new updates?

    I now live in Phoenix…no water here, so I really miss the Midwest when I hear of a “lake”…that thing that contains water outside. :p

  • Yes please share! Your photos there always make me want to go for a visit!

  • Beautiful pictures! Especially the first one is pretty magical! It looks like such a beautiful place! 🙂
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Oh man, your photos are honestly SUCH a dream. What a wonderfully relaxing place!

  • heather

    A guide to your favorite places would be delightful!

  • katie hill

    I will be in MI visiting family for a month starting July 9th (Grand Haven area) and love your recommendations!
    My husband was shocked how beautiful Lake Michigan was and even proposed to me there:)

  • This looks so magical! What a wonderful getaway.

  • Yes please! We live in Chicago and would love a Michigan guide for summer getaways…

  • Brooke

    Yes, please! I live in Indianapolis and we are thinking about vacationing in Michigan next summer.

  • Your photography is simply breath taking. I am so inspired by it!

  • jaclyn

    I spent summers in Dearborn as a kid. Sadly my only experience with the lakes was the wave pool at Lake Erie….which BTW is like a goddamn death pool. Every summer someone would drown or almost drown!

    Anywho, I’ve been trying to butter my husband up to buy a little cabin ever since I stumbled upon yours so yes, I think a more in depth post on all your favorite spots could be a great addition to my campaign!

    He’s fascinated with the idea of buying one of the many foreclosed homes in the Flint area as a “vacation” home because “they are practically free” so I need to guide him in a better direction!

  • Julie

    Really lovely photography!

  • yes, please! all the beautiful pictures you share have me wanting to plan a michigan getaway!

  • Looks like such a wonderful weekend! Your photos are beautiful!! I have never been to Michigan but it is on my list..and these photos definitely are making me want to go even more! Looks like it is a wonderful spot to spend the summer!

  • Ali

    I’d love to hear about your favorite spots! My family has a house in South Haven, MI and we go every summer and winter… it’s the best!

  • I had no idea Michigan was so diverse!!

  • Love love this post! Michigan is our home and we love exploring. Just last wknd we went to a bed and breakfast on Torch Lake. So incredibly beautiful! Northern and west Michigan is my favorite. So much unadulterated beauty and so much diversity! We also saw the dunes, Fishtown in Leland and some gorgeous rivers. Would love to see your guide! :):) I showed my husband your cabin renovation this week – I am hopeful a cabin renovation is in my future! 😉

  • You are close to me! We have a little cottage in Pentwater which is like 10 minutes from Shelby! I will have to check out that Cherry Point Market!!

  • Yes! Please post your favorite spots! I’m in Minnesota, and every time you write about your cabin and Michigan — it makes me believe I could find a tiny cabin around Lake Superior and make it a reality (instead of a dream!).

    p.s. Where is your swimsuit from?!

  • A resounding yes! Never been to Michigan but would love to read/see more! Also mind sharing what kind of camera you use? You have such a great eye. x

  • Yes, more Michigan pictures, please! My father was born and raised outside of Detroit before moving and having a family in Florida. I haven’t been there since I was a child but I have SUCH fond memories of it.

  • I would love to hear more. Being in Ohio it’s lovely to see a blog that features vacation spots a bit more attainable and relatable to me. Love this post!

  • Xin

    Hi, your site is so beautiful and full of inspiration. I recently discovered it and have spent many hours browsing. I especially love your home renovation series. Your kitchen—gorgeous!

  • I would also love a MI guide from you:). We are headed to Sleeping Bear Dunes this summer, is Silver Lake Sand Dunes different enough to make a stop as well? Or are they pretty similar?

  • Sarah

    YES! Please share…I grew up in Northern Michigan (Petoskey) and have traveled all over, but still contend that Michigan is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever been! Your images are gorgeous.

  • Beautiful pictures as always!! Seems like an amazing trip!


  • Nan

    Yes! Please!

  • Kelly P

    Wow – I just discovered your blog and I feel we might be living eerily similar/parallel lives. I’m a designer (interior) who is from Michigan (Detroit area though) and is married to a Brit (he hails from Northumberland). We moved out west (Arizona) where we’re currently remodeling our house in a pretty major way. And my family has a cottage on Lake Huron that we love to get back to. So yeah – that seems like a lot of similarities. Weird, right?

    I’m loving your blog – super inspiring. I’d love to see your fave MI spots. I’m sure there are plenty I’ve not yet seen!

  • Emily

    I would love to see more of your Michigan trips!

    I just returned from Harbor Springs (my family and I have been going upnorth for 23 summers now, but only for 9 days each summer) and I am always deeply saddened to leave. Every time we visit Harbor Springs, I dream of the day I will live there!

    I was just telling a friend this morning that, out of all of the places I have traveled, Harbor Springs remains my favorite spot. So pure, homey, beautiful and untainted!

    Thank you!

  • sarah

    YES! I’m a native Michigander and love to hear everyone’s favorites … the state has so much to offer and see! Love reading your posts and looking at your gorgeous photography and style.

    THANKS! 🙂

  • So glad you guys are on board! I will get to work. 🙂

  • Jodi Bruemmer

    We are coming through michigan in late july this year. Any RECOMMENDATIONS of where to go/shop/stay/eat/etc? do you have a storefront or anywhere we could see your work and designs?

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