link-love-octoberMorocco is at the top of my list of places to see and this mini guide almost cured the serious case of wanderlust I’ve got going on right now.

This fashion show is straight out of a dream.

An instagram feed to make your mouth water.

I literally gasped when I came across the work of these Architects.

Happy Friday!

  • Becky

    Oh gosh. I’ve wanted to go to Morocco since I was a child. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve been! Definitely take her advice about the clothing to heart. I dressed very modestly when I was there and was still cat called at every time I ventured out of the hotel. (and I wouldn’t consider myself a hottie with a body, just for some context). My friends with dark hair and eyes were just assumed to be Spanish so I think my blonde hair and blue eyes were what made it that way for me. That being said, I never felt unsafe and once I got used to the stares it was the most amazing experience of my life! It is the only country outside of the US that I’ve been to so far, and it was my #1 travel goal. It was exciting to cross off my #1 right away. Morocco has part of my heart for sure!

  • That house. Simply beautiful.

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