It has been a minute since I’ve continued the house tour, so much has happened… I had no idea just how much this room would become my happy place. My ‘take a bath and decompress and actually never leave the house’ happy place. I had a shoot planned in April for the entire house (before that I only had the photos from our Domino feature) but obviously the shoot was cancelled while we were all on shelter in place orders. Before that, however, I did get a chance to shoot the kitchen for my new Semihandmade cabinet front launch in February with John and Maura Stoffer and while they were here they snagged a few shots of our principal bath. So while I still want to change out these mirrors (they are like 3″ too short and I can’t not see it. ha) at least I can share the beautiful space where I have been washing my hands again and again and trying to pretend I am on a really long vacation. Which of course gets quickly interrupted by two kids that need me the second I step foot in here. every. single. time. 🙂

When I first set out to design this space and turn it into our bathroom, I had a long wish list and a very small bathroom, but we made it all happen thanks to an unfinished “hot tub room” that was adjacent to the original bathroom. We removed a wall, finished the extra space and combined it with the original to become the bathroom of my dreams.

For the tile treatment we used the Clé Farmhouse Brick in matte white on the walls and the Natural Zellige on the floor. Read all about how we executed the wall tile treatment here. I designed the custom concrete vanity with an integrated sink and had it fabricated locally.

Aside from the Clé tile, the Allied Maker sconces, the custom vanity and the shower trim, everything in the room came from Wayfair. It can take some digging on that site because they have EVERYTHING, but I always come up with some unique pieces that I haven’t seen before like the bathtub. Gah, have I mentioned my love for that bathtub? Or the beautiful brass faucets. The toilet, the bamboo stool, the planter… all found online on Wayfair.

Now let’s do a little side by side before and after…

The finished view is from a slightly different angle but where the mirror on the right is in the after photo is where the glass door is in the “before” photo. We closed up that door which led to Clover’s bedroom and then removed the wall.

This “before” view is from the other side of that wall we removed, while standing in the old carpeted master bath, with a window into the unfinished room shown in the first photo.

The only thing that would make this en suite bathroom better is if it was sound proof. Right moms… right? ha

Bathtub: from Wayfair // Faucet from Wayfair // Sconces:  by Allied Maker  // Roller Shades by The Shade Store (Park Rollers) // Floor Tile: Clé Natural Zellige // Wall Tile: Clé Modern Farmhouse Brick in Matte White  // Wall Mount Faucets: Wayfair  // Mirror: From Urban Outfitters … Find Similar Here // Planter one: from Wayfair // Planter two: From Wayfair // Bamboo Stool: From Wayfair // Toilet: From Wayfair  // Towels from Hawkins New York // Storage Baskets from Target 

Bathtub photo by Mattew Williams for Domino Magazine, all other photos by Stoffer Photography

  • Celine

    It’s absolutely stunning. The principal (?) bath that will launch a thousand baths.

    • sarah

      Haha is the ? Because I am a terrible speller? 🤣 I changed it. Thank you!!

  • Annette Coussan

    The tile work is simply stunning. The custom vanity is to die for! Such a creative talent…

  • hi sss! how do the floor tiles feel on your tooties? how do you clean them? BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO HARD and I would like to follow suit. xoxo

    • sarah

      They feel amazing on your feet. Since they are unglazed they are soft and almost feel like worn leather.

  • Britt

    That floor! Such A Unique application of that tile and absolutely stunning! My favorite part of your home (and that’s a very tough call). Thanks so much for sharing pics!

  • Whitney

    Such a gorgeous space! Do you have a closet or hidden shelving in the bathroom for cosmetics and toiletries?

    • sarah

      We keep all of our everyday toiletries in the baskets but yes we also have a hidden full length medicine cabinet in the window nook by the door

  • Ronii

    Beautiful! Does it get cold in the winter with the open shower? Are your floors heated?

    • sarah

      I thought it might so we had a plan b to enclose it all the way if we didn’t like it but we don’t get cold! Yes the floors are all heated so that der helps. 🙂

  • Everything about this is gorgeous. The vanity is a showstopper and I think you might be the only one who notices the mirrors being too short. Forgive me if I missed it, but who makes the shower head?

  • Monica

    Sarah! It’s amazing! Every inch.

  • katie

    This is beautiful! We are actually using that same tile on our floor and the tiled drain wasn’t given to me as an option…and I love it. Do you mind sharing what drain you used?

  • Katy

    I’m having all my tile ripped out in our new build because of this. Ha! (Totally not kidding though. This is too inspirational, I have to redo everything.) But where do you put your STUFF? Your makeup, your facewash, your lotions and potions? All in that one basket underneath?

  • brie heinlein

    Hello! I am currently doing our master bath and putting in a tub like this. This is an odd question, but Im having a hard time finding one with a brass drain set to go with my brass tub filler. Did you turn your tub around so the chrome was facing the other way? Just trying to get creative here ha

    • sarah

      Haha yes exactly. I wanted this tub so I relented on the chrome overflow and just turned the tub around so you don’t see it.

  • Lindsay

    Renovating our bathroom and plan to do the Terracota Cle Zellige tile (4x4s) on the shower walls…
    Did you seal the Zellige being that it is in a wet space? I love the natural look and don’t want to lose that!

    Thank you!

  • If my bathroom looked like this, I might even just grab a futon and sleep there. This is so wonderful.

  • Tracy Christine Funke

    Did you grout the zellige floor tiles? If so, what color? Thx!

  • Tracy

    What color grout did you use on the natural zellige?

  • TN

    Omg! Absolutely beautiful. So inspiring. Can you share the process to create a curbless shower. I’m in awe….trying to explore if I can pull it off!

  • ms. elaine

    For heaven’s sake, have someone edit these posts. Having an eye for design does not preclude the need for good grammar and accurate spelling.

  • Lyndsey

    I’m wondering if you still love your floor tiles. Doe the variation in height bug you? Is it easy to clean? I want to purchase, but I’m afraid to take the leap. Could you send me more pics?

  • Jen Panasik

    I don’t see any outlets on your sink wall. My contractor is telling me I have to have them (in fact, wants two for a 5′ vanity stretch) but I’m not loving the idea of it visually. Is that just a California rule?

    • sarah

      I have two under the sink by where the baskets are and one just around that corner on the right at normal above counter height.


    Your bathroom is gorgeous! Have you had to reseal the floors yet? Did you use the Miracle 511 Porous Plus?
    Do you mind sharing what color grout you used for the floors? Mapei or another brand?
    Many thanks!

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