We’re making it a tradition to travel over Thanksgiving. Last year we visited family in London, and this year we spent it in Paris. While it was a thrill to be in Paris and show the kids the city. It was also exhaustingx100. Too much city and too much stimulation for the kids (+ me and Rupe). Next year, a little city and a lot of countryside.

I found our match! I have my eye on you, Little Mill Abergavenny. The most charming, coziest, classical cottage getaway. Stunning Welsh mountain views and set alongside the River Gavenney… never ending fresh air… see you next year, little mill!

And dear rupe, my christmas list is everything i’m wishing to pack for the trip. See below 🙂

hello beautiful book// aesop travel set// coat// boots// mittens// throw// bag// sweater// cashmere hat// cashmere socks

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