Hi from our transformed guest room/home office! This room has had quite the journey in its 2 years since we moved into the house, but I am thrilled to share the final rendition of this once-neglected space. A couple of months back, Etsy reached out about being a part of their Etsy Edit. I combed through all my favorite sellers to curate a selection of my top Etsy picks and gave the room a total makeover using them.

If you have been following along here for a while, you know my love for vintage and handmade and how I often turn to Etsy to find just the right piece for my own home and client’s homes. (remember this copper tub in my Nashville project? Found it on Etsy; remember this marble sink from my Soho project? Found it on Etsy. Remember the canopy in clover’s room? Yes, Etsy. You get the picture)

So when they asked me to curate an Etsy Edit, I jumped at the chance, and the last remaining room in the house to be finished was history.

You might have seen Rupe and I on Instagram installing the wood accent wall and alllll the trim work into odd hours of the night, which was covering up some old 80’s faux wood paneling (more on that later). When we finished, I made the headboard for the bed, but nearly everything else in the space is from Etsy.

I started the design around the Sky blue bedding (Etsy’s color of the year) and the ochre color of the flooring. To carry the color of the wood accent wall to the other side of the room, I found these linen drapery panels in the perfect shade and really started to build out the room from there.

A soft Moroccan wool rug to tie the space together and give toes fresh out of bed, something soft underfoot, and a cozy chair in the corner for a perfect reading nook are two things that I knew I wanted to make this space feel special for guests.

Next, I needed a designated desk space for Rupert to work from (since we have had battling zoom calls in my office) which is as beautiful as it is functional. Since I wanted this space to be multifunctional, I think it is important to be very selective on what made its way into the room. My rule was it had to be something I am drawn to, and if it was there to serve a function, it also had to support the artful aesthetic. Pieces like the lamp and the side tables are sculptural and beautiful while serving their purpose.

I love filling spaces with pieces that have some history. Vintage or handmade pieces give you a sense of connection to the maker or the previous owner, which brings character and a soul to a room which goes a long way to making someone feel at home in any space. I’m thrilled to have this space be an inspiring space for Rupe to work and welcome guests to stay awhile in our home.


Linen Bedding // Moroccan Rug // Bedside Sconces // Desk Chair // Desk // Art Above Desk // Art Above Bed // Decorative Bolster Pillow // Planter // Bauble Vase // Incense Holder  // Desk Lamp // Pencil Holder // Onyx Lidded box // Ceramic Squiggle // Linen Drapery Panels // Ginko Floor Lamp // Vintage Side Chair // Art above Chair // Sculptural Vases // Round Mirror

And if you’d like to see more of my Etsy Edit to shop all my favorite sellers, head here.

Thank you, Etsy, for having me!

photos by: mae stier

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