The first project I ever saw of Sarah’s was Mandy Moore’s home featured in Arch Digest. After my awe of the beautiful space came the shock, Sarah did THE Mandy Moore’s house?!  I have always admired and appreciated Mandy for her creative abilities but also her genuine, compassionate presence in the world and her deep love of her dogs and cats on Instagram (And now her sweet baby boy, Gus!) Now, two years later it is so fun to do an interview with Mandy and hear what her home means to her!



Mandy Moore home

Tell us about yourself.

I’m an actor, singer-songwriter, and new mom.

What does home mean to you? 

As a self-described homebody, the idea of home is everything. It’s a sanctuary, it’s catharsis, where you truly feel at peace and most unencumbered.

Your home should be… 

An extension of yourself and contain multitudes.

What advice can you share for someone who wants to make their home an extension of themselves and contain multitudes? 

Feel the freedom to experiment and not take yourself or your space too seriously. Invest in some pieces that you can carry with you wherever your home journey may take you but otherwise, have fun with accessories and color and things you might change easily and not feel too precious about.

Tell us about your childhood home. What do you remember the most? 

It’s funny how HUGE your world feels when you’re a kid because we did NOT have a big home, but it felt gigantic. We definitely had that weird formal living room that no one ever steps foot in, and you could see the lines from the vacuum on the carpet. Why? I remember treating my bedroom like a stage: jumping on the bed, singing into the mirror. Although growing up in Florida, we had a pool, so most of my memories revolve around being outside, enjoying the sunshine, and getting super tan.

Mandy Moore kitchen

What was the favorite home you’ve lived in and why? 

My favorite home is where we currently live for SO MANY reasons. Because we renovated it aesthetically, it feels like the most “me” of any place I’ve lived. My husband and I got engaged and married here, and it’s where we brought our son home to. It’s the only home I’ve felt reflects who I am and where I am in my life- we’ve loved hosting friends and little get-togethers over the past few years, which I never did much of before living here. The memories we’ve made are definitely going to make it difficult to move one day.

What is the best part of being at home? 

We’ve both felt incredibly lucky to be in a space we love and feel so safe/comfortable in during this quarantine period. Our house has a ton of light, and even on cloudy days, you never feel in the dark. It’s open, bright, airy but still cozy. The choices we made in our house, with fixtures and furniture, always make me smile.

How has your idea of home evolved over the years? 

When I bought my first house at 18 (YIKES), I gravitated towards the super feminine, very shabby-chic and quickly outgrew that. I floundered, trying to figure out my “style” for years until I decided to lean into the evolution that age and wisdom provide. My needs are so different as a 37-year-old woman with a family and pets- outdoor space, a more open floorplan, nothing too delicate, etc.…. Oh, and I have to remind myself not to get too attached to anything because, with a baby and some crazy cats, I know things will take some wear and tear.

Mandy Moore family room
Mandy Moore living room

What are your top 5 must-haves in your home? 

BATHTUB!! Cozy, ambient lighting, an open, inviting kitchen, ample space for displaying books and knick-knacks, a decadent, cozy couch…..

Describe your ideal day at home. 

The ideal day involves getting up early to enjoy the morning light, drinking tea with my husband and son, and maybe putting on a record before cooking something delicious and inviting our loved ones over to enjoy it together.

How do you approach decorating your own home? 

I learned a lot about my likes and dislikes when weighing in on the home we’re in now. I used to think that I’d want to live in a more neutral palette but found myself gravitating towards bolder choices, so I honor that. I want to have fun and for my home to telegraph an invitation for joy for myself and others.

What is your favorite spot in your home?

We have a built-in couch nook that is surrounded by books. My husband and I gravitate towards hanging there because the light is beautiful, and it feels more like an intentional choice than lounging in the family room or bedroom.

Suppose you could have a second home anywhere. Where would it be? 

We dream of having a second place all over the world (hello Barcelona). Still, realistically I think we’d end up in Nashville or Portland for the close proximity to good friends, music, coffee, and the mountains.

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