mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuelI’ve got another peek into Mandy Moore’s house with her Laundry Room design today. And let me tell you this isn’t your average laundry space. This room opens right up into the kitchen so we wanted to make sure it was just as gorgeous as the rest of the house. And boy did we have our work cut out for us, so we teamed up with Electrolux to make some laundry room magic. Here is a peek at the before.
mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuel
As you can see the space is limited and the style doesn’t match Mandy’s OR the modern house at all. There is some awkward ducting that creates some odd ceiling lines and the old machines are sticking out right into the space. So here is the plan and already some good progress…
mandy moore laundry room design // sarah sherman samuel First, we wanted to extend the footprint of the room and make it a little larger so we borrowed some space from the HUGE pantry next door and moved the right wall back. Second, we are rearranging the fixtures so the new Electrolux Washer and Dryer will be set against the back wall facing out instead of on the right wall and the sink will now be where the old machines were, creating a much better flow. We will then be building out some custom cabinetry around the machines (oh and you can see we already re-worked the ducting so goodbye funky ceiling lines). While we are going with gold toned hardware in most of the house we are mixing it up in here with matte black for a modern touch that matches the appliances.
The flooring will be the same custom terrazzo poured flooring that we have going throughout the entire house (you might have caught me going terrazzo crazy on my instagram story, but if not, no worries I will do a summary post because I receive a bazillion and one questions about it). On this side of the room the custom cabinetry will continue but above the sink we plan to install two poles for items that need to hang dry, also matte black, and beneath some floating base cabinets we left space to accommodate the kitty litter.
And last but certainly not least, this stunning wallpaper will set the stage for the dreamiest of laundry rooms.
Wallpaper // Hangers // Electrolux Washer // Electrolux Dryer // Sarah Sherman Samuel x Park Studio Hardware (shown in brass because we don’t have images of the black yet but it will be available soon!) // Rods from The Mine // Faucet // Drain from The Mine // Sink from The Mine // Nesting Brushes // White Quartz Countertop // Stool // Terrazzo Flooring

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