fall layers Pattern mixing, layers, and a little animal print, is one of my go-to recipes for interiors and entertaining, so it makes sense that it translates right into my wardrobe as well. Old Navy invited me to try share how I translate that look into my every day with pieces from their latest collection and I was pretty excited to find some that fit right in.

sss-long-layers5b sss-long-layers3 While I am actually not much of a sweater person, I can definitely do a midi length cardigan all day long. Thin knits are perfect for layering without adding too much bulk and, to me, keeping the length long feels a little more stylish than your average cardigan. By keeping the sweater light, it also gives you more room to play with layering on a scarf. I kept it casual by letting the ends hang loose, plus Archie likes to hide and play peek-a-boo in the long tails.

sss-long-layers2sss-long-layerssss-long-layers4sss-long-layers6 Subtle pattern mixing is the name of my game. Remember this tablescape? If I had to translate it into an outfit this one would be it. If you are looking to mix patterns but keep it subtle, one trick is to vary the scales of patterns and keep the color palette in the same family.

Pairing a small pattern with an oversized more graphic pattern is an easy win (like the stripe on the tank and the plaid on the scarf). I’ve also added in the third pattern, on the shoe, which scale-wise lands right in the middle of the two. So now I’ve got a small, medium, and a large. Varying the scale keeps the patterns from competing with each other and creates a balanced look.

Happy layered pattern mixing! x

Scarf // Tank // Long Sweater // Boyfriend Jeans // Shoes

Photos by Nicki Sebastian 

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