We have all kinds of names for this one because we are so in love with it: baltic sea beauty, swedish sweetie, swedish seaside cottage, baltic sea villa…

Let’s move into this 1909 swedish villa sweetie. Located on the Baltic Sea and only 2 hours away from Stockholm. Custom cabinetry and all the charm, I’m moving in just for those doors! You can tell this home has been cherished and loved. I’m moving in and bringing all the wallpaper, scallops, and skirted furniture. And I won’t forget a kettle and giant mugs for tea 🙂

Peek inside this cutie below and see the looks I’d bring in the moving truck

This adorable skirted sea blue chair to match the nearby sea,  and the cutest scalloped woven lamp. This would be my reading/tea room!

01// lamp 02// art 03// sofa 04// rug 05// bench 06//chair

This wallpaper is a fairytale for the wall, and this scalloped rattan side table piled high with books is perfect.

01// wallpaper 02// bed 03// side table 04// sconce 05// rug 06// dresser 07// sheets

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