kitchen-inspirationI have already began making plans and dreaming about how the new space could look. I’ve started up a few new pinterest boards for inspiration, started sourcing some furniture, and have a fresh notebook and measuring tape on me at all times, so I think I’m ready!

Here are a couple kitchens that I’m loving the look of. As you can see I’m still a fan of the white subway tile, I can’t help it. To change it up from the cabin though, I like the idea of doing the cabinets in a darker color and I’m also hoping that I can swing some gorgeous marble countertops.

Sources: 1 via Camille Styles  // 2 via Hither & Thither // 3 via The Kitchn // 4 via Better Homes & Gardens

  • How funny because I am just about to start a kitchen renovation too and my inspiration has been your cabin kitchen. Ha 🙂 Oh and I wanted to ask you if you mind sharing where you got your awesome wood slab coffee table from. I luhhh-ve it, what an amazing piece.

  • Penny M


    I see that you used RTA cabinets in your cabin kitchen. In looking at their catalog I can see that they are made of good quality materials. I was curious if you are happy with this particular company (quality and service)? Also, I was a little surprised by the prices of these cabinets. Yes, its good quality materials, etc., but it is RTA. Am I missing something? Hopefully I’m misreading these prices. I think I saw a 30″ base cabinet for something like $500. Tell me I am getting this wrong. Please!

    • Hi Penny, Yes we were very happy with the quality of the cabinets. I’m afraid that price is about right though. Although if you compared that to the ikea 30″ base with drawers it can cost up to almost $400 so it isn’t really that far off but with more quality materials.

  • Nicky

    Hi Sarah
    Just discovered your blog which has been a joy to read. We have just completed our kitchen refit and have gone for white walls and very dark grey cabinets (farrow and ball – railings) and am so pleased. We love it- pleased we went down that route. I just have to tile with , you guessed it metro (sorry, I’m a Brit!) tiles with black grout …. Happy to send photo if you wish.
    By the way, love, love, love your cabin….. And your wardrobe…

    • Hi Nicky, I love that color from Farrow & Ball, and I’m right with you. Can’t pass up a good white subway tile. Maybe it’s because my husband is A Brit and it rubbed off. Ha would love to see your kitchen!

  • Nicky

    Hi Sarah
    I will get cleaning my kitchen and send you a few photos! I could take some now but it appears that someone got into my house today and threw a whole load of laundry on the floor, filled the sink with dishes and even finished off the last muffin I had stashed away….. Would you believe it!!!!

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