sarah sherman samuel x melanie abrantes // cake standsI am thrilled to announce the first of a special series of SSS product collaborations. This has been in a works for a while now, so it kind of feels like I am sending my babies off to college, but dang it… they are ready. I am teaming up with other makers and artists to co-create some limited edition objects that will be sold exclusively in the Sarah Sherman Samuel shop and first up are these gorgeous wooden cake stands.

I haven’t turned wood since high school, so together with Melanie Abrantes (wood & cork turning extraordinaire) we brought these beauties to life. I drew up the three styles, the geometric shapes giving a modern twist to a traditional item, and Melanie hand turned them from solid wood. In a nutshell… they’re my design, by her hands. We only made a small batch of them, so head on over to the shop for something truly unique.

sarah sherman samuel x melanie abrantes // cake standssarah sherman samuel x melanie abrantes // cake standsAs I’ve grown quite used to working alone, it has been wonderful to team up with other artists to see what we can create together. Now enough about me, here’s a bit more about Melanie and her beautiful craft… 

melanie-abrantes2In today’s society, we have forgotten the concept that quality products take time to make. Bay Area-based designer, Melanie Abrantes believes in making handcrafted heirloom objects that are both functional and beautiful. Her passion for woodworking comes from the simple fact that every piece is unique as the material speaks to the project through an organic process.  In 2008, Melanie moved from her hometown of Houston, TX to LA to study at Otis College of Art and Design where she discovered what the process of making and creating truly meant. In 2014 she moved to Oakland, CA  to pursue her career as an independent designer. Her studio is now located in Jack London Square where she designs and hand turns her products.   

Melanie on her aesthetic…
“I believe in designing simple forms with a feminine touch. “Less is more” always comes to mind when designing my products. I try to subtract any unnecessary embellishments in order to remain true to the material and process of lathing.”

Melanie on her creative journey…
“Once leaving college I worked for Karen Kimmel Studios/ Crafting Community as a graphic designer. There I learned how to be intricate and detail driven with my ideas and work.  During that time I started working at a local wood shop again to make small gifts for friends and family. I soon realized that I enjoyed working with my hands much more than in digital format. I signed myself up for my first craft show a couple months later, and debuted my line of cork and wood products. Things just took off from there! Now I own my own studio and workspace in Oakland and I couldn’t be more grateful. There is something so satisfying about waking up in the morning to know you are doing something you truly love to do!”  

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