I’m writing here from my kitchen island still trying to figure out the back end of this new site the night before it is set to launch! By now if you are reading this it means I must have made sense of it and I am sharing a new and improved site, sss branding and launching a new sub brand (what feels like birthing a new baby) sss atelier.

The past year or so I have been quieter in this space as it has been what I am calling a building year. I’ve had my head down creating, designing, and building a michigan based team (while sometimes taking time just to survive). When we packed up our house and moved from LA to michigan we had dreams that it would open up space for not only our kids to live their best lives but for ourselves to find time to do more of what we love. To take a step back from the lightning fast pace we were accustomed to and work on things that truly light us up. It was not the easiest transition. I’m pretty sure I have blocked most of the first year from my memory. We will call those the dark days. Isolated and out of sorts, feeling untethered from our home in LA and in limbo in a new city with two kids under the age of three, oh and lets throw in a major home renovation and Rupert leaving his job unexpectedly. It wasn’t my favorite year.

Then just when we started to get our footing here, our house was finished and that unsettled feeling you get while in a renovation quickly faded, I built a new studio from the ground up so that I could still work from home but have a dedicated space for it, the pandemic hit. But the thing was, all those hard changes SO many people had to go through all at once at the beginning of the shut down, we had done the year before. I was already accustomed and set up to work from home, heck I hardly even left the house as it was. While the world slowed around me we realized we were right where we were supposed to be.

What we have found in michigan is that even though it got harder before it got easier, we did indeed find the place for our kids to grow up with more freedom and room to roam and I finally had space that I could dedicate to creating.

Which brings me to the launch of SSS atelier, my virtual gallery home to my plaster work, large scale silk screen tapestries, and all the vintage finds I’ve been hoarding.

I started doing these plaster works just for myself, when I needed a break from the computer, from the kids, from my own brain. Then I made a couple for friends. Then I just kept making them. I have kept them to myself, although you might have seen one hanging above my fireplace in my house from our Domino story, I haven’t shared or really talked about them openly. Honestly, I’m a bit nervous to show them, they feel like such an extension of me. Like standing naked in front of a crowd. Here I am!


I value what it is to create something by hand and the indelible mark of human intentionality in craft. For one human to create something with their hands for another human is no small thing. The art you find here was shaped by my own hands and those of my community here in Michigan. The vintage objects are finds from driving the streets of nearby towns and bringing pieces back to life with the help of local craftspeople.

My hope is that this one small piece of my world brightens yours. I have so much more to say but for now… I sleep.

See more on sssatelier.com

  • Jenna

    Beautifully said! Congratulations on the new site and the launch of SSS Atelier!

  • Mahk Esfahani

    I would love to have One of hour plaster wowk in Creamy colors and some of uour marbel/wood creations. Pls let me know if it is possible to purchase or order them.

    Many thinks!

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