recovered-bedNot a lot has happened in the bedroom since I last checked-in, however we did finish re-upholstering the old bed (more on that in a minute). Now, we are on the hunt for some nightstands. I stole the little plant stand from next to the dresser so I have something to put a glass of water on at night but Rupe still has nowhere to put his Harlequin novels (what’s a man to do!). So, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite nightstand options to try and narrow the search.

nightstand round-up // smitten studioGood nightstands are like the unicorn of home furnishings. So hard to find! I tend to like larger, more dresser sized nightstands like the campaign style or the double drawer, but in this space they might be a bit tight. I also love the look of a simple brass side table like the libby or the hexagon but they don’t offer up any storage. I thought I had found the perfect one when West Elm came out with the Penelope nightstand but they only make the all white version in large and, by george, I wanted the wood one in LARGE. What to do, what to do.

Penelope Nightstand // James Nightstand // Campaign Style // Hexagon Side Table // Catalina Nightstand // Tall Storage Nightstand // Audrey Nightstand // Double Drawer Dresser // Libby Side Table

To see all of the home renovation progress check here.

To get the rundown on how we reupholstered the bed, continue on after the jump!

headboard-beforeSo this is what happened to our headboard. The sun bleached any part that wasn’t covered by pillows from grey to a golden yellowish, leaving it with a not so desirable ombré. Reupholstering it was the most cost effective option we we rolled up our sleeves and took a stab at it. Sidebar: I am not a seamstress and this is not a step by step DIY because we made it up as we went along and just hoped for the best. Luckily it turned out well but I didn’t record all the steps because I wasn’t quite sure if it would work! With that said, I am going to share as many details as I can remember and hope you can come away with something!

re-covering-headboardFirst thing I did was layout the fabric and cut around the pieces of the bed that needed to be re-covered, leaving enough fabric around the edges to wrap all the way around the back. The base was super easy as there was no sewing involved. You basically wrap the fabric around the edges and staple the dickens out of it with a staple gun on the back (one staple every inch or so). When I got to the edges I folded it up like hospital corners on a bed and stapled it secure.

re-covering-headboard3re-covering-headboard2The headboard was a lot trickier especially because I wanted to change the look and feel from a tailored nailhead trimmed headboard to a more relaxed casual vibe. To start it off, I cut 1″ thick foam to size, to pad the front and top of the headboard. I then used a upholstery spray adhesive to stick it on before covering it with the new fabric.

re-covering-headboard4When it came to creating the piping you see in the fabric, I first draped the fabric over the headboard and pinned the piping cord into place. I then took the fabric back off the headboard and using a zipper foot on the sewing machine, sewed the fabric around the cord (there is a good tutorial on how to make your own piping here). Once the last piece of cord was in place, I wrapped the fabric back onto the headboard and stapled it secure on the back.

reupholstering a bed // smitten studioreupholstering a bed // smitten studioAnd here is the final result! We are really happy with how it turned out, I can’t get enough of that green color in my life right now… and even the comfort factor went way up with the extra layer of padding.

Sources: Fabric from F & S fabric // Rug from // Hexagon Side Table from One Kings Lane // Pendant from a vintage shop, find new: Octo Pendant by Secto // Bedding by Parachute 

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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