kitchen progress countertops // smitten studioOn the last kitchen update we had just ripped everything out and started installing the cabinets. We’ve made some more progress since then with the installation of new marble countertops & backsplash, a new sink, and a beautiful new faucet. Yay for running water in the kitchen again (it has been too long).

I went to the marble yard and found this beautiful Calacatta Gold marble slab. I’ve always wanted a kitchen with marble countertops and I know they aren’t the most durable or practical but come on, the heart wants what the heart wants.

One thing that surprised me is that I always just thought Carrara marble was the way to go, meanwhile all the backsplashes I have been drooling over where actually Calacatta. Both from Italy, Carrera marble is generally more gray with smaller veins and Calacatta is whiter with more dramatic veins. The slab that I found was very white and the veins have the prettiest range of colors that include touches of gold and green.

marble countertops // smitten studioAs soon as the marble was down, I celebrated with a little champers and a snack, which then led me to putting the counter to the real test of photograph-ability. Everyone should design kitchens based on that right? 😉

kitchen faucet // smitten studioAnd finally, this faucet! I have never gotten so excited over a tap before, I may have done a ridiculous really cool dance when it arrived at my doorstep.

Rupe’s one request was that the faucet had one of those extendy pull-down functions which is practical of course, but sometimes ugly. So when I fell in love with this sleek modern beauty I thought I had a fight on my hands, but thankfully, things got a whole lot better in the Samuel household when I realized it does have a pull-down feature hidden inside the pretty little spout. win win!

Oh and we were so happy with the sink we installed in the cabin that we used it again here. For an apron style sink, you can’t beat that price.

Next on our to do list is to get the doors and drawer fronts on the cabinets. I just picked up my order from Semihandmade and they are amaaazing! I can’t wait to get them finished and installed.

To see the kitchen before check here.
To see all of the home renovations so far check here.

Product guide: Faucet c/o Brizo // Sink by Ikea // Cabinets by Ikea // Serving board & napkin by A Sunny Afternoon

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

  • Holy crap that’s an expensive/baller faucet! It looks amazing though. Can’t wait to see the final results

  • Such a great mix of economical with a few big-ticket parts to round it out. This kitchen is already a knock-out and you’re only half way there.

  • SO beautiful. i love how the slab backsplash turned out.

  • Oh girl, you have the dream kitchen!

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Just gorgeous. Do you plan to have a dishwasher unit in the kitchen? Or are we sticking old school with hand washing? 😉 Curious minds… xox

  • Hi Jennifer, yes there is a dishwasher, it’s on the other side of that wall right next to the clothes washer and dryer of course! Ha. The fridge is in there too. Essentially it’s a big pantry I guess. Phase two for the kitchen will be knocking down that wall extending it and then adding a laundry room off the back. Need those pesky permits for that though. 🙂

  • OMG! Love it! The marble is just so beautiful and I love the faucet!! Sigh! Every time I see a butler sink I get sad now. When my landlord redid my kitchen, he let me design it and pick everything out. The only thing he vetoed was the ikea butler sink. He said he had one and it showed scratches. Meh! Who cares!! It is just too lovely! 🙂

    • Hi Katie, Oh what a bummer, but nice that you got to pick everything else out. We have had the sink in the cabin for a year now and so far so good. Hopefully this one stays scratch free too! Thanks for kind words. x

  • Jennifer Naraki

    We have to go get more permits too. Blech. But planning it around a lunch at Plan Check eases the pain just a lil. Look forward to seeing the rest of the kitchen. 🙂

  • Incredible!!! I’m so happy for you!!!
    🙂 elsie

  • Definitely high photograph-ability going on here. What is it with men and the pull out faucet? Shane just replaced ours with one of those too. I do admit it makes washing dishes a lot easier, but never gave it much thought before he requested it.

  • Wow, it looks awesome! I love following everything that you guys have been doing with the new home. Also the marble has great photograph ability!

  • It’s all just so amazing I can barely contain myself. Seriously.

  • This turned out SO beautifully! I’m in love!!

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  • pyjama donna

    Love all your reno posts!
    Just wondering what white paint you use (for the house and cabin kitchens)?

    • Hi Pyjama donna, Thank you! I used “whisper gray” by dutchboy in the cabin and “snow fall” by behr in the house.

  • i have been perusing your renovation all eve…amazing style!! i am getting ready to renovate my kitchen and your tips and suggestions are so helpful! thanks for such an inspiring blog…i only hope our kitchen turns out as amazing as yours!
    happy new year!

  • camilla

    How did you find a professional who would paint the DIY fronts? We are renovating our kitchen and plan to use Semi-Handmade, but we have no idea how to begin the process of finding someone who will help us paint the. We live in NYC so I’m hoping that you may be able to guide us in what type of professional I should be looking for. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Danielle

    Love the marble countertops and backsplash. I am in Los Angeles and am trying to find a good marble yard where I can pick out a slab to be fabricated. Can you give out the information to the place where you purchased your slab?

  • Rebekah

    I love your kitchen! Would you mind telling me which specific cabinets at IKEA you used for directly under your and to the left and right of your kitchen sink (they seem not as wide as a traditional cabinet). Thank you so so much!

  • Beautiful marble countertops. You have an amazing kitchen!

  • Sandrine

    Hi, Congratulation for this beautiful kitchen !!! You have such a good test for everything. May I ask you where these ice cream brass cups come from ? I hope nobody already asked the question..) Thank you if you can give me a brand. Have a nice WE !

  • People dream about these kind of kitchen. Well, the white marble looks perfect to give a luxurious look. So

  • Renowaze

    Marble countertops and backsplash is a great way to upgrade your kitchen!

  • Renowaze

    Incredible way to finish your kitchen with stunning marble countertops. I definitely recommend white marble countertops with dark cabinets.

  • Renowaze

    Well Kitchen counter-top looking awesome. Just wondering if you can tell us what kind of marble you use for counter-tops.


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