I loved reading all of your comments on your top dining table picks! For those of you that picked out the Lucia as the second choice to the Dakota you were thinking just like me, and here she is!

dining room table // smitten studiodining room table // smitten studioI was hesitant at first to go for a round table, (I loved our big rectangular one) but the gorgeous bronze base and the black marble top of this table was calling my name. I have to thank my friend Jessica (who also happens to be an amazing interior designer) for introducing me to Organic Modernism where I found this beauty, I also picked up these stools for the kitchen while I was there.

More photos and plans for the dining room after the jump…

dining-room-table // smitten studiodining room table // smitten studioNow onto the next steps… you may have been thinking that the light fixture is hanging awfully high for over a table and I totally agree. I am not quite sure how it got there but I am planning to replace the whole thing, so for now its flying high.

And then there are the curtains… well the curtains are fine, the curtain rods? not so much. We had those same Ikea curtain rods in our old bedroom and they worked, but for a dining room and the heart of the house I am thinking, no deal. Although, I’m having an internal struggle (much like the life changing rectangle to round table decision) between curtains with new hardware or installing some kind of blinds. I like how modern and clean things look without any window coverings (like here and here) but that isn’t an option where we live. Blinds can be clean and modern but are good ones going to cost an arm and a leg? And curtains can look great but most of my favorite spaces don’t even have them. I mean, what’s a girl to do?

Oh and on the brighter side, I found a perfect place for a bar cart.

Product sources: Lucia Dining Table from Organic Modernism // Cowhide rug from the Long Beach Flea Market (similar here) // Vintage Koefoeds Hornslet dining chairs (also found at Long Beach Flea

Images by Sarah Sherman Samuel

  • stunning. i love this, sarah. your progress looks so great.

    i have been looking at the dylan also…but now i may reconsider!

    • Thanks Madeline! I know I was very close to getting the Dylan myself. I went back and forth between those two but we have a LOT of wood in the living took that is right adjacent so the marble and bronze won me over.

  • Super pretty! I love the idea of having a bar cart.

  • Oh man, ok i take it back! hah this one looks so good 🙂
    black and gold, yes perfect!

  • Tina

    I’m thinking blinds. The wide-slat metal kind like my grandmother had in her house, or like my school had when I was a kid with wide tape. Retro chic, but modern at the same time.

  • Lindsay

    I went through the drapes/blinds dilemma and ended up with cordless honeycomb shades. We live in a 100 year old house with beautiful trim that I didn’t want to hide behind drapes, but definitely needed some privacy. I love that the shades are light filtering, and when they are up they practically blend right in with the trim. These are the ones I have, and am very pleased with the quality for the price.


    Can’t wait to see what you do with the space. Everything looks great so far!

  • Love your choice on the dining table. So unique. The bronze base is knocking my socks off. Hmm and I see your dilemma with the windows. I like to go sans anything (just my preference) Although I live in a high rise so nobody can really peek into my house so they aren’t necessary and I like to be able to look at my view 24/7. And that is the perfect spot for a bar cart. Do you have one picked out yet?

    • Hi Alecia… I know, I would go without if I could, however our entire house would be like a fishbowl for the rest of the neighborhood. Especially at night! eep. I did just find the perfect vintage bar cart. Can’t wait to set it up in the space.

  • Marie

    Wow, I love that table! As for the blinds/curtains thing I personally don’t like curtains so we bought custom roller shades from http://www.theshadestore.com. They have solar shades that let in lots of light (but I’ll warn you they don’t offer much privacy) or light filtering shades. They are expensive but the store frequently has 10-15% off sales and they’ll send you free fabric samples. I sound like I work for them but don’t, just very happy with their product! I’m sure whatever you choose will look great 🙂

  • Looks beautiful! My husband and I are shopping for our first together house and your blog is inspiring me to take a look at some of the fixers we’ve seen. Those dark floors look amazing with the bronze table base.

  • SP

    I have been following your blog for a while and you truly have the BEST taste, it blows my mind! I am so impressed with your style and that you seem like a genuinely normal, sweet person. You have a fan here! Keep posting the progress – so inspiring!

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Just gorgeous Sarah. I love the idea of a rolling shade in this space. With a modern, white wood frame & clean edges, custom built around the top of the window to hide them when they are rolled up. So enjoy watching this journey unfold. We are in the midst of our own crazy construction zone home renovation over here, but ours is much more rip down walls and rebuild the whole house kinda remodel. Taking. Forever. But it’s fun to dream through the process. 🙂

  • Thanks so much SP! You totally made my day.

  • Hey Jennifer! I love that idea too. Hopefully I can make that happen. Oh and I totally know what you mean. Our cabin was a rip down walls and rebuild everything kind of thing so I feel your pain. We’ve only torn into two walls so far here so its been not too terrible. Although as soon as we get permits to add onto the bedroom and also add a laundry room off the kitchen it is going to get crazy over here too! It will all be worth it in the end right? 🙂

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Post Script- I forgot to mention that the table chosen is incredible. That black marble top is amazing (+ it’s gonna photograph so so good, which is always an important consideration) 😉 Also… round tables lend themselves better to forever having a fresh flower arrangement take center stage. Oh, delightful florals.

  • I absolutely am inspired by your decor! Quick question- do you have any advice on where to buy great drapes for a reasonable price? I have been having a real issue with this and finding things that don’t break the bank look really cheesy.


  • Hi Candice, Thank you! I know what you mean, oh the cheesiness that is out there. I have had some luck at Overstock.com (I got the green curtains that I cut into smaller curtains for the bunkbeds in the cabin there) but you have to sift through a lot of ugly. Ikea also has some nice options and surprisingly Urban Outfitters has some great patterned ones if thats what you are looking for too. Good Luck!

  • Jacqueline

    Beautiful table! I think blinds would really be a great option here, but I totally understand about the cost. The curtains still look great and I’m looking forward to seeing what your choice of light fixture is going to be. Might I suggest the Foscarini Caboche? It looks so great over a round table.

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  • Love that rug! And the sunlight! Are your curtains hung on double rods? I’m trying to decide if I want to do that @ my place. May I ask where you found the curtains?

  • Beautiful dining table, would match perfectly in my dining room.

  • Absolutely fantastic. Your styling is exactly what I want for my dining room.

  • […] This week I’ve been really loving these two modernized pieces – marble tulip tables and ghost Louis chairs. First up, the marble tulip table featured in Sarah Sherman’s dining room. […]

  • Marilynn Lerum

    Hi! I would love to know where you got your current curtains and how they were hung? Is it one track or two separate ones for the sheers and the linens? Thanks! Merry Christmas !

    • sarah

      Hi Marilynn,
      I am not sure where they are from as they were already there when we bought the house but I can say that they were hung on two rods. The rods I recognize from ikea.

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