Continuing on with the “before” tour of our new house, here is the empty living room followed by what we are going to call the family room (it is a small addition that we plan on utilizing as more living space since the main living area is quite cramped).

living room before This is the living room and the view from standing at the front door.

living room beforeThis is standing at the far side looking back at the door (I’ll be shopping for a new door soon. :)).

Next up is the bonus room aka family room.

family room before family room beforeThe family room is pretty small but we have big plans for it. A few being, rip out the carpet, open up the wall between the living & the family room so there is more of a flow, extend the wood flooring, swap out the windows to french doors that open onto the backyard and make it into a cozy space that we want to spend some quality down time in.

Most of all I am looking forward to getting rid of the yellow walls & ceilings in these rooms. I like yellow, don’t get me wrong, just not so much this shade and not all over everything. How great are the ceilings in the family room though!?

To see the rest of the before tour check here.

and don’t forget the few bonus photos of how the house looked when we first saw it after the jump (I’m thinking empty is already a big improvement)…

livingroom-beforefamily room - before



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