My love for cane furniture is still going strong and there have been so many cane bed options popping up, I thought it would be a perfect jumping off point for another high/low room design. For the lower priced design we used two twin beds together to make one but this bed is also a great mid-range option. And you won’t believe the nightstands I found on Amazon…

Shop High Bedroom: Cane Bed From Clickon Furniture // Navy Nightstand From Anthropologie // Artwork By Claire Oswalt// Circle Sconces From Chiara Colombini // Throw Pillows From The Citizenry // Pink Velvet Desk Chair From Benchmark // Vintage Oak Wood Desk From First Dibs // Brass Wall Hanging From The Citizenry // Wool Rug From Pampa //

Sourcing from Ikea, Target, and Amazon never looked so good.

See more of our High/Low room designs here. 

Shop Low Bedroom: Cane Headboard From IKEA // Indigo Nightstand Table From Amazon // Artwork By Tracie Andrews // Circle Sconces From From Etsy // Throw Pillow From Target // Pink Velvet Desk Chair From Amazon // Natural Wood Desk From IKEA // Brass Wall Hanging From Target // Natural Area Rug From Rug Savings

  • Kelly

    I really enjoy the look of both the high and the low. But sadly, it looks like both the bed and nightstand from the low are sold out. 🙁

  • Kelly

    Love both collections. But it looks like the bed and nightstand in the less expensive version are both no longer available.

  • Abbey

    Your designs are lovely. Can you share the source for the twin beds and also what category you can find the Ikea headboard? The link doesn’t directly connect you to the product. Thanks!

  • I love both these looks so much! And thanks for giving how & low price options it’s so great to see. xx

  • Brooke

    Hi Sarah! I am trying to find that “Cane Headboard from IKEA,” however the link just brings me to the IKEA website, and when I do a search, it’s not there! Do you have another link or name that I could try? Thanks in advance!

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