After designing several guest bedrooms recently (like my most recent one for Mandy Moore) this often undervalued space has been on my brain. It’s the space we extend to family and close friends as a place to unwind after long and often hectic travels. Going into this high/low board, I knew wanted to use natural materials and a neutral color palette to create a room where guests can kick off their shoes and feel at home. So we really did go all neutral, as in mostly just shades of white and ivory.

The jumping off piece for this entire board started with that armoire, which could just as easily go on a more affordable board but I love the lines of it so much that it’s living here amongst some really high end pieces. I’ve been loving the modern uses of caning, and this piece in particular strikes a rare balance between laid-back and high end. The neutral color palette also created an opportunity to incorporate one of my favorite pieces of art by Serena Mitnik-Miller. The subtle watercolor hues and minimalist pattern is absolute perfection.

Luxe Look Sources: nightstand // bedframe // bench // rug // pendant // art // art hanger // dresser // accent chair // side table Guest Bedroom high/lowThere are so many pieces in here that I’ve had my eye on for months, and was happy to be able to compile them into a design plan for you all! Starting with that tufted geometric rug, it creates a statement without being too loud and overpowering and continuing the ivory hues with the Anthropologie reading chair, the room starts to feel as cozy as it is light and refreshing. Win-win!

Look for Less Sources: nightstand // bedframe // bench // rug // pendant // art // art hanger //  dresser // accent chair // side table

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  • Sarah

    Wow. Some of those things are lovely, but even $4000 would be well beyond my budget for a guest room so I cannot comprehend having a $43,000 budget for just one room. Not meant as criticism, just blows my mind.

    • sarah

      Yes, I totally get that. I am not suggesting you have to go out and buy everything brand new for a guest room. These posts are to give some affordable options and show how you could put a whole room together that can look just as good as a super high end space. I would never pay 43K on furnishing my own room but people do and some of my clients do! The point is that you can mix and match low and mid-range pieces to attain the same look as the luxury room. Maybe you already have an ivory rug or artwork you love that could work into a look like this. I’ve never gone out and furnished an entire room for myself in one bang so while $4k sounds like a lot, if you’ve collected pieces over time or find some things on the cheap from flea markets that go with the look then you could most likely get the look for even less but this gives you the recipe.

  • is there a link to that Ikea wicker beauty?!

  • lisa

    gotta agree with the comment above! i love this blog and sarah’s brand and would consider myself pretty high income, and $4k still doesnt sound “low” to me when it comes to a guest room. there are some good budget finds on here, but that still sounds on the pricey side to me. 43k, meanwhile, is *totally* alienating….

  • Amy

    I love these posts!! There’s always great budget finds and most importantly I love inspiration. Pls keep ‘em coming!! On the Louise Gray quilt hangers Wld you use these to hang paper art as well? I thought the art in the high end option was on paper.

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