sss_butchersdaughter_02If you follow me on Instagram, it is no secret that The Butcher’s Daughter is one of my favorite local restaurants. The decor is so in line with my own aesthetic, whenever I go there I feel right at home. There are special details all around like the shibori booth and gold/quartz table, a macrame ceiling installation, hanging plants all around and a stunning back patio. It strikes a perfect mix of styles that I would dub as modern boho farmhouse. 

sss_butchersdaughter_03the butchers daughter // get the look // sarah sherman samuelsss_butchersdaughter_05the butchers daughter // get the look // sarah sherman samuel sss_butchersdaughter_01sss_butchersdaughter_04Once in to check out the space do yourself a favor and order the Dolce Picante pizza and the Spicy Kale salad. Both SO good. I crave them enough that even when I don’t have time or feel like going out, I order it online for pick-up. Perks of living in the neighborhood.

Finally, if you are into the decor as much as me, I rounded up some pieces that can help bring a little of the Butcher’s Daughter look into your own space.

the butchers daughter // get the look // sarah sherman samuel Indigo Pillows | Wire Basket | Wall PlantersButcher Block Board | Vase | Macrame Table Runner | Stools | Copper Lamp | Ceramic Tile | Baskets | Marble Table | Side Table  | Indigo Bench

The Butcher’s Daughter Design by Heather Tierney
Photos by Sarah Sherman Samuel

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