After about 5 years of “bangs?…no bangs?” discussions with my friend Giselle and my hair stylist Jen, I finally got the nerve to give them the chop. Jen did an amazing job, as she always does, and now I am a happy “fringe” (as my English husband would call them) convert. However, my hair grows like nobodies business so we will see how long I will last with the upkeep.

  • Maricha

    LOVE IT! looks great!

  • Giselle

    YES! only took 5 years to make a decision and they look great! 🙂 xo let’s think of our next 5yr discussion.

  • Mariel

    Looks lovely on you, Sarah!
    Always wondered- how do you do your “normal” curls? What type of tool do you use etc? I never seem to get it right…always too curly like an old lady or just too much on one side and not enough on the other..:/

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