MODERNISM WEEK-ENDI was thrilled when I was asked to be a part of the #psmodsquad covering Modernism Week. A weekend in Palm Springs packed full of home tours, exhibitions, and cocktail parties all centered around midcentury architecture and design… YES, PLEASE!

Racquet club garden villas tour // racquet club Modernism week is happening right now and this weekend Rupe and I headed back to the desert to partake in the mid-century loving festivities. To see more of my instagrams from our trip check them out here.

Top left photo is of the Shapiro House by Michael Black // Top right is inside the Edris House by E. Stweart Williams // Bottom left is a patio in the courtyard of one of the homes inside the Racquet Club Garden Villas by William Cody // Bottom right is of what is left of the Palm Springs Racquet Club, where Marilyn Monroe was “discovered” by her agent, and the birthplace of the Bloody Mary.

Images by me via iPhone for Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • How great is the Edris house?? I have very fond memories of mixing cocktails (far too young) for gatherings on the patio. My grandfather was Stewart Williams 🙂

  • Ha! True story! Mrs Edris was one of my grandmother’s greatest friends and I spent many a summer lounging by that pool. She even let my boyfriend drive her AMAZING Rolls Royce to dinner one night! I swear, if only I’d had the appreciation of mid-century everything then that I do now. Well, you get it. Oh and my granparents’ house?? Forget it. Ridiculous.

    Hope you had a blast at Modernism Week! Looking forward to next year when the new Architecture and Design Center for the museum is open!

    • so awesome Erika. What great memories! A far cry from my grandmothers one bedroom farmhouse (with 6 kids) ha. I can only imagine your grandparents place. what a dream!

  • […] that celebrate design in Palm Springs. You may remember from a few years back I was on the “mod squad“, instagramming my heart out through it all.  Modernism Week is also charitable […]

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