05.06.13 weekendLet me just say house hunting in LA is never boring. We have been playing with the idea of selling our place to get a house with a yard bigger then our patch of fake grass we currently have. Although, the more we see of what is out there in our neighborhood the more things are looking like we might just stay put. I mean this sofa is lovely and all but how about those walls? The kicker with this property was that, every tiny room had different types of wood paneling, it was right off the 405, and the entire backyard was concrete. Now you know I am all for a fixer but this one was a little much.

Images by me via Instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • Noelle

    Just my tiny opinion, but if you have a place that you are mostly content with right now, wait until you find something you LOVE. Then you’ll know it’s right. I personally feel it has to be meant to be for a move as it’s so much work! We could use your talent in Charleston. Daniel Island is nice! Lots of room for pets to play.

  • Yeah good advice. It is so much work! just looking is hard enough let alone the actual move. I guess we will see!

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