antelope valley, poppy fields // sarah sherman samuel This weekend we worked around the house again (surprise surprise), alternating trips from Home Depot and Ikea while we were building some media storage, started painting the exterior (yay), and installed some closet doors. I really am looking forward to welcoming back our social life once the renovations are finished (friends, I miss you! ;)). We did however take a break on Sunday to celebrate Easter, and then headed to Antelope Valley to see the poppy fields in bloom while still in our Easter best. Spring in California is pretty awesome.

Hope you had a happy Easter. x

Image by me (& Rupe) via instagram (I’m @sarahshermansamuel)

  • Jennifer Naraki

    Isn’t it so dreamy there? I love it. We have had some fun explorations with the boys there. And I’ve been so excited to return. Until my friend just made me aware of the Green Mojave Rattler, and now… I’m thinkin’ we’ll be sticking to the trails this year, instead of roaming off through the wild. Yikes! Nature is so fun. 😉

    • haha yes! I almost stepped on a rattler a couple years ago! It wasn’t very funny at the time but at least I’m careful now. 🙂 Rupe on the other hand didn’t learn his lesson and was running around like a maniac. 😉

  • Kristin

    What color scheme did you decide for your exterior?

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