This series is inspired by my gratitude practice with my kids every night before bed. An opportunity to pause and reflect. And it’s often the best part of my day. We share our “GLAD” s.

I ask them: name one thing that you…

G are grateful for
L learned
A accomplished
D brought you delight

I love it so much I shared with the sss team. In this series, every other week, we will share our GLADS. Get to know the team and share in our gratitude, lessons, accomplishments and delights.

And please add yours in the comments!



grateful for: the sunshine and warmer days this week.

learned: vinegar and dish soap the best combo for washing your dog when they get sprayed by a skunk 😵

accomplished: continuing to walk every single day. I’ll keep saying it because it’s huge for me!

delighted in: Birdie asked to “get in my tummy” yesterday. Then lifted up my shirt to crawl into my sweatshirt with me. It made us laugh and laugh. What a delight she’s still small enough to be held so close and still wants to be!



grateful for: last week my stepmom had a tumor removed from her brain. and the biopsy came back negative for cancer! so grateful to her amazing medical team and the great news.

learned: this may feel trivial but this last week of california storms has taught me that there’s no limit to how creative your play can get when you have a toddler trapped indoors. over the course of three days we went to space, the bottom of the sea, back in time, to so many princess castles, monsters inc., and more…

accomplished: a few days ago I was invited to host a poetry circle for a woman’s wellness space in la. feeling humbled and already feeling the nerves kick in to deliver for them!

delighted in: these last 24 hours we have had sun again. lou and I have been outside playing and laughing about how the warm sun feels on our arms. one of those simple but perfect moments.



grateful for: this week I’m feeling all the gratitude for the afternoon sunshine!

learned: I finally switched over to a menstrual cup this month and I don’t know what took so long. I bought this one and it’s easy to use, and the wear time is 12 hours. An added benefit to switching to a menstrual cup is that it’s waste free!

accomplished: we’ve all made it through the 10 darkest weeks of the year!

delight: The New Yorker giving parents the emojis they’ve been waiting for. I’m really connecting with the “kid point-blanking refusing to get dressed” emoji.



grateful for: wide open windows and the sounds of my son playing in the yard with the neighbor kids. When we first moved here two years ago, the age gap between him and the kids in our neighborhood seemed too big for them to make good playmates but it appears that the gap is closing as he gets older, which makes my heart happy.

learned: always gleaning pearls of wisdom from Cory Muscara’s daily texts. This one helped put things in perspective for me this week: “There may come a point in 10, 20, or 30 years where you would do anything to come back to this moment. Notice how that shifts your experience right now.” Text “Instagram” to (631) 305-2874 to sign up for them.

accomplished: cleaning out my perpetually overstuffed closet by listing clothes to sell on Noihsaf Bazaar, my favorite resale site. They curate the best selection of independent designers, sustainable brands, and vintage. Buying and selling are both equally thrilling. If you don’t already know about it, you’re welcome. 🙂

delighted in: followed this tutorial to make personalized valentines for our kindergartner’s first Valentine’s Day party at school next week. They’re so cute!

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  • Anna

    Grateful for: the warmer afternoon temps and sunshine in Chicago.
    Learned: that adding in movement every day doesn’t have to be the perfect time, it can be at any time.
    Accomplished: swimming laps for 30 minutes for the first time today after 8 years!
    Delight: I’ve been wanting to repaint my house for the last year and it’s finally happening this week!

    • Sarah Sherman Samuel

      hi anna
      what a delight to read your Glad! thank you for sharing. what an accomplishment to get your laps in and after 8 years! xx

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