bedroom nook - DIY wood paneling We are working our way through the A-frame putting final touches on all the rooms (if you missed the finished living room check here!) and now I’ve got a peek into the finished guestroom nook. When we first bought it, this space was SO dark and had a crumbling basketweave texture on the walls and ceiling which matched the ceiling in the entryway/dining room. The ceiling was in OK shape and we painted the gold material white to match the rest of the house and to clean it up. We were hoping it would be enough to save the walls which were looking pretty rough but paint couldn’t rescue them. The texture was coming off in places and there were holes that just looked really bad no matter what, so we decided to cover them up with a DIY faux wood paneling.

Here is a peek at the way before… 

Not ideal. We took out the carpet, laid the new tile and painted which got us to here…

bedroom nook - progressIt’s way brighter but the walls we still not cutting it for me and I started thinking of easy ways to get it looking more finished.

I saw Jenny Komenda using this bender board, for a mock shiplap, in a bathroom on instagram and thought it was the perfect way to add some faux wood paneling if I ran it vertically. It is super affordable and I love the clean lines. It also goes well with the wood panels and shutters we already have going on in the room.

Supplies needed:
bender board
chop saw
nail gun
nail hole filler
some kind of spacer (we used our house keys can also use coins like a nickel)

1. Measure out the space to determine how many boards you need. For our space we needed right around 50.

2. Cut down the boards to size. If you are lucky and working with an 8 foot ceiling you may not even have to cut them down but we have a low ceiling (and an uneven one to boot) so all of the 50 some boards had to be cut down to size. I used a chop saw and despite the 100 degree weather and being pregnant it went really fast. (I cut 3 at a time).

3. Run a bead of glue along the back of the board and starting from one edge of the room attached it to the wall using the nail gun.

4. Put glue on the next board and line it up next to the first, inserting spacers between for a uniform space throughout the room. (We used our house keys). Attach it to the wall with the nail gun.

5. Repeat step 4 until you’ve made your way along the entire room.

6. To notch out around outlets we used a sawzall.

7. Once all the boards are up fill the nail holes. (I like to use this one with the build in spatula)

8. For a clean finish run a line of caulk along the top and bottom as well (we did this out of order… after the paint, but better to do it before.

9. Paint! We used a primer first (killz) and then “polar behr” by behr paint.

bedroom nook - DIY wood paneling And that’s it. The clean lines are so much better and it goes well with the wood paneling and shutters that are already in the space. I’ll be revealing the full bedroom soon… including another DIY for that headboard so stay tuned!

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