You know we love the freshness of light and bright but there’s a whole world waiting in the shadows of moody and dark.

Especially in dark woods. It’s a choice that instantly adds warmth and sophistication to any room. And the best part? There’s a myriad of ways to achieve this look. Cover the whole room, floor to ceiling in dark wood. Or pair with a dark wallpaper:  like a black grasscloth, or sss shapes in taupe and black, or graffito in black by Kelly Wearstler. 

And to add even more depth: layer with dark furniture and lighting like the sss laughlin sideboard or kukka chandelier. 

Be inspired by all of out recent saves below.

shop our dark wood picks:

photo credits

01// sarah sherman samuel. daniel peter photography 02// athena calderone 03// colin king 04// lindy e galloway design. mike vantassell photography 05// lisa staton design. michael clifford photography 06// omedezin design. nil stimm visuals 07// george marchukov 08// k interiors. anya daniels. sofia huiber. christopher stark 09// lisa staton design

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