bathroom inspiration - tile love // smitten studio I am really drawn to the idea of incorporating patterned tile into the new bathroom and how gorgeous is it executed in these spaces?

Since we were all loving the current hex tile so much, I think the Casa tiles (top right, &  bottom left) would be the perfect update to the room but also be a nod to its’ original roots. However, those beautiful tiles come with a not so beautiful price tag so I’m on the hunt for more options. (sniffle)

Sources: Top left bathroom by Greg Natale (found via Oh Joy) // Top right & bottom left tiles by Marrakech Design // Bottom right bathroom designed by Emily Henderson

For more of my bathroom inspiration follow along here on my Bathrooms Pinterest board.

  • Ali

    Sarah – You should check out the Azulej collection from Mutina Tiles in Italy. A bit pricy but I could help you with the trade discount and then some. They are BEAUTIFUL. Worth a look! I could see you liking them.

  • Why not evoke the vibe of vintage vestibule tile that uses penny tile to make graphic patterns/elements. It takes the initial time investment of planning out the pattern, but the tiles themselves are dirt cheap!

  • I would love to retile my bathroom in a fun pattern, however the hard part is choosing….there is so much eye candy out there ….how can I ever decide?

    xx Alecia

  • Hi Kate, Ah yes that would be a great way to add a little pattern. I do love penny tile! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Of COURSE I would like the bottom right one best. For some reason everything I love is always an Emily Henderson project. It’s like she’s my internet soul sister or something.

    I think it’s a winner!!

  • Bea

    Before even reading your post my inside screamed TOP RIGHT! OMG!! I love this 🙂 Make it happen, I know you will!

  • I have totally been on the hunt for the perfect tile for my new bathroom as well! Such a fun place to add an unexpected design element.

  • We went for Marrakech Design tiles in our dining room for our renovation. It was our biggest splurge, but so so so worth it. The quality and design are unreal, and each tile had a signature.

    • Hi Katalina, thanks so much for sharing that. I Die!!! I love that design as well and the color!!!! It looks gorgeous. Last night I did all the math to see exactly how much it would be. The nice part is that the bathroom is such a small room, maybe I can swing it if I save in other areas. You are right, it’s probably worth the splurge. They are so special.

  • what unique and wonderful tile designs!

  • Esther

    All of them are so beautiful. The two on the bottom…love! Have you ever been to Sidecar Doughnuts in Newport? They have adorable floor tile in the store…maybe not so much for a bathroom, but still fun (also, their donuts are totally worth the drive from LA). 🙂

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