Summer is winding down, and that always means it’s back to school time. Back to routines and schedules and pick-ups and activities… it always makes me a little sad. I will miss our long days on the beach, road trips up the coast of Lake Michigan, pool days, and endless visits from friends. Sigh, but I know the kiddos are excited to be back. Clover starts Kindergarten! I can’t believe it.
She was so excited to pick out a backpack, and that led us down a whole rabbit hole of shopping, and the result is what you see below, haha.
Did you know Mango has a kid’s section?! You’ll see all of Clover’s picks below 🙂

collar shirt// dungarees// floral backpack// butterfly dress// boots// bunny backpack

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  • […] Back to school… the last looks of summer… I say this every year, but how did it go so fast?! We are soaking up every minute over here. Non-stop pool days, our annual trip to Mackinac Island, blueberry picking, late-night fire hangs… we don’t want it to end. Feeling colorful this month (barbie’s fault?) and dressing in pink, green, and blue is how I will suck every ounce out of these sunny days.  […]

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